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  1. Pinipy

    Why did you come on EQD?

    because memes hehexd
  2. Pinipy

    I'm alive

    I'm currently working on an interview header artwork for @The Illustrious Q, but noticed this snazzy forum so hey I exist and I am now here c: I'll be more active soon once I knock over art things and school! Anyway, Hi! My name is Rose, though I'm known online as "Pinipy", who also happens to be my beautiful mascot above. I'm 16 years of age, turning 17 this year in September, and I'm a digital children's artist from Australia. I sell at conventions and also work as an artist here at Equestria Daily, so you may see some of my art as headers for interview posts or around the site c:By children's artist I mean that my focus is on children related shows and media, such as My Little Pony, Pokemon, Adventure Time, League of Legends and the likes, although I really hope to widen my range of art in the near future!