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    HEYO :D

    YOO I'm kart, 16/M, just joined this, been 1 year in this fandom , sunset shimmer fav human and twilight fav horse I also make pmvs and art :D.. and I love meeting new people everyday in this fandom and I'm glad how far this fandom has come so far in 5 years next five years WORLD DOMINATION
  2. Kart

    Answer The Question Above You

    A friend of mine posted in a group chat about this forum Do you like bacon haired horses :3
  3. Kart

    HEYO :D

    I don't even....oki then
  4. Kart

    HEYO :D

    yay! hey thanks ^^ you too c: hehe you are not the first person to call me mario in this fandom xD ...i get that alot xD