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  1. Silshadnic

    Hewwo, friends! :D

    Hiya! Thankies! Have a great day everyday! Looking forward to talk to more people here and have a good time. I hope everyone else does too. hOI! Hewwo! Oh, okay then. Roleplaying is Magic = P Hi, IBCE. I hope to stalk get to know you all and more too. See you all soon.
  2. Hi, I'm Silshadnic. Just call me Sil, since the name is kind of a mouthful. Anyway, I am from Pakistan. I'm really into animation, even though I can't animate well myself, I can still appreciate the work put behind every animation I come across. I'm also trying to learn more about coding, sound engineering and such. Short story: I've been in this fandom from 2012 but 2014 is when I fully embraced myself as a Brony and fully discovered the huge fandom. ____________________ Long story: Before I found out more about MLP:FiM, and Bronies, I used to be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge Sonic fan. Everyday I used to go to YouTube to see animations and whatnot mostly about Sonic. At the time, I loved sprite animations thanks to a fan series called Super Mario Bros. Z by Alvin Earthworm of Newgrounds. So while watching some random videos, I started coming across Pony videos in the suggestion panel. And soon videos about Sonic vs. Rainbow Dash and whatnot. Though since I always liked cartoons and games, I never had any hate for RD or other even in the vs. videos and I thought her character looked cool and all I knew about her that she could fly and was very fast. And I also thought she was the main character of whatever the show was. So that's my first encounter to the 4th gen MLP stuff but at that time I wasn't sure where these came from. In the late 2011, I started to see a lot of fuss over "Ponies" and "Bronies" and a lot of internet arguments and fights about this show. I was curious to know what exactly had been going on and what all this fighting is about. So I decided to look up into what was going on and I found out about Bronies, people who like a show called "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and I, like many others, were not sure why grown ups like this show so much. So I decided to watch the show to see what makes it so special that it raised people to call themselves "Bronies" and why others hated those "Bronies". The first was a cliffhanger so I had to see the second. But I didn't think that just watching two episodes would be enough for me judge anything, so I watched more of it and I liked it. But seeing how everyone used to pick on people who liked shows like this one, I was too afraid to let anyone know. Most of my school mates and cousins had an attitude like those 5 yr old internet idiots who thought that they were mature because they liked shooting games, and bikes and stuff like that and wouldn't stop making fun of people who liked something lighthearted. So I was afraid they might make fun of me. I only watched a few episodes up till season 2, I think, in 2012 before I stopped due to the little free time I had and because I felt alone that not many people I know watch it. But in 2014 I had several friends online from the Sonic fanbase and I later found out they also watch MLP and this got back into watching the show. And I stared to not care about what others might think of me as a brony. Soon I started going to streams and I met various people who I friends with now. ___________________ I'm glad to have met so many people in the fandom who make me appreciate who I am. Thank you.
  3. Silshadnic

    HEYO :D

    Wanna play Mario Kart 8.1?