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  1. Rogue One is good. Go see it.

  2. So...guitar stuff

    Earlier this year, Dusykatt did his Sunset Shimmer guitar build. That sort of kicked some inspiration into me to fix my first guitar. The middle pickup is kaput, and the whole thing is cheap (seriously, I only paid $50 for it). That idea snowballed into not just fixing the thing, but also giving it a cosmetic overhaul and some beefy upgrades since swapping out the pickups would require dismantling most of it anyway.

    As far as those beefy upgrades go, I'm a huge fan of Queen and Brian May's guitar sound in general. His mighty axe, the Red Special, is pretty unique in that he can not only turn on any combination of pickups (most guitars with 3 pickups can't do bridge/neck combo and all 3 together) but he can also set them in/out of phase with each other (quick explanation of phase: in phase pickups just add to each other, out of phase ones will negate common frequencies, resulting in a thin and shrill sound).

    As far as the cosmetic overhaul, I'm going with a Princess Luna theme since I can't paint for shit and she's already a black guitar. Blue pickguard, chrome or silver pickup covers and knobs (brushed aluminum would be sweet, but that might have to wait for v2), a vinyl decal in the style of Luna's cutie mark, and I've found some moon themed fret markers that I might give a try.

    Since then, though, I've ditched the idea of fixing my old guitar (at least as my primary build) and just bought a new one to mod. I picked up a Squier Vintage Modified '70s Stratocaster as my new mod bed. She's pretty sweet as-is. Seriously, she sounds dreamy and I can't help but pick her up and play her. I've already replaced her pickguard since that's easy and cheap and most importantly easy.

    My next step is to get the pickup selection and phase switching implemented. It sounds difficult, but I've found a simple wiring diagram for getting all possible pickup combinations with a simple push/pull pot. I've also seen ones for phase switching on push/pull pots. While not as sweet as the Red Special's switches, using those pots to do it doesn't require a custom pickguard, so I'm going that route. I'm hoping to get that done this month, meaning she'll be like 90% done. If I luck out somehow and get a bunch of cash, I'll go ahead and get Burns Mini Tri-Sonic pickups for even more Brian May sound. At that point, I just gotta slap the moon sticker and fret markers on her and call her finished.

  3. Tough Break passes are now 50% off. Took an hour of GC downtime to do it.

    1. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      Nope, the last campaign broke my back and filled my inventory with so much useless crap and broken dreams that I definitely did not want a repeat of last time.

    2. Steamworks


      Could just sell it all on the SCM or trade up on it. 

  4. has confirmed that hats are dropping again.

  5. Smissmas should be upon us soon. I'm thinking it's going to be a major update along the lines of Gun Myrtle, and maybe festive skins rather than models. 

  6. First commission in a while. Sophie Cabra always does such nice work.


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    2. Steamworks


      As in MA Larson? I look like an alicorn?

    3. Citadel


      Needs moar festivities. 

    4. Steamworks


      But candy canes aren't a good idea there. 


      And I have a winter one in the works. 

  7. Anyone else notice how differently the furries treat fursonas and bronies treat pony OCs? While both fandoms tend to treat their creations as online avatars, furries seem to distinguish between themselves and their fursonas far less. For example, I tend to use a lot of first person pronouns when talking about my fursona Aeth than when talking about my pony Steamworks. 

    1. Citadel


      I've noticed aplenty of the pones who get their wires crossed, along with a good deal of furries. The thing about it is that most furries aren't just treating their fursonas as their avatars, they ARE their avatars. They're the representation of themselves in the furry world at large, or a representative of themselves in art and whatnot. Ponysonas are.. well, both newer, and at the moment, being used more in a roleplay sense. They're not a representative of a person but rather a character in a story being told. A good deal of that might actually be the fact that there's a cannon setting that most of these people are inserting their creations into, rather than the freeform, undefined whatever that is the furry community, so they already kinda have a narrative in their head of how their character came to be, so are somewhat less inclined to self insert. I'd give it a little while, though. Soon, you'll have people who've used the same pony character/ponysona for years and years, and then they'll be commissioning just as much ridiculous self-insert art (read: porn) of themselves as furries.  

  8. Another one of those "Why doesn't this exist yet?" videos. Like only the first 5-10 seconds are really relevant, but whatever.



  9. So I turned 30 today. 

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Happy birthday, another successful rotation around our star, with many more to go I'm sure :happybonbon:

    2. LegendaryR'QA
    3. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      Been there, done that three years ago.

  10. The mixing seems a tad dodgy, and I don't understand that effect on the vocals, but "Come On Spitfire" is now a thing. SkyBolt conveniently dubbed it over CaptainHoers's excellent "Spitfire's Day Off"

  11. I finally got around to reading Fallout: Equestria. I'm like...25 or 26 chapters in right now.

  12. I kinda just realized that a lot of my favorite MLP episodes come down to moments in the episodes rather than the episode overall.

  13. So my grandpa died last night. 

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Oh, i'm so sorry to hear that.

      My deepest condolences, it's never easy loosing someone you love and wish you all the best in these hard times.

      I'm not very good with words in situations like these, i'm sorry if my words are somewhat unhelpful or unnecessary, but I just wan't to let you know that even if we have never met before, even if  i'm just communicating with you through a forum, all my sympathy is with you in this time of hardship .

  14. Pretty sure everyone's turned against me since PF2 went down.

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    2. Steamworks


      I'm annoying and toxic.

    3. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      Well, you used to be original recipe salty, and most folks didn't mind, but right there at the end of PF2, you got extra spicy, and it started leaving a bad taste in people's mouths... Now look what you did, Aeth!! Now I'm hungry. I blame Toki for this.

    4. AI-senpai


      I haven't seen you do anything annoying :o