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    "Legends of Equestria" (2017)

    IMO the first few days of OAR will be very insane due to mass server load and lag stuff. But it was somewhat enjoyable at the moment
  2. [booping intensifies]

  3. Proudy Hooves

    The Vending Machine

    Out comes 2018 year slightly tweaked I put in a Number 9
  4. Proudy Hooves

    What other websites are you a member of?

    DeviantArt, a bunch of russian MLP sites, also some non-pony sites. Yup.
  5. Proudy Hooves

    From Russia with friendship!

    Greetings, Russian tovarisch! (I'm also russian, dah :D) Enjoy your stay here and be awesome! =3
  6. Proudy Hooves

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    Because that's Hockey Pone aka my OC, duh :V
  7. *Boop outta nowhere yet again!*

  8. Proudy Hooves

    Do you wanna have your OC as plushie?

    Of course, especially with ice hockey uniform and related stuff etc! But i think it would cost a hella lot of money :V
  9. Proudy Hooves

    Drawing icons/headshots!

    Well...i haven't actually interacted with foreign artists about commissions, but thanks, mate! Anyway, good luck and more enjoyable arts from ya!
  10. Proudy Hooves

    Drawing icons/headshots!

    Hayyy, these are good works! So, you're still loaded with commissions and stuff?
  11. Proudy Hooves

    Sky's 3D Prints

    Still good job on these ones! Looking to see your latest works.
  12. Proudy Hooves

    The Banned Game

    Banned for cyka blyat in the signature, duh :S
  13. Proudy Hooves

    Post yer desktops

  14. Proudy Hooves

    Free Art! Help Me Find My Style!

    Haayyyy! Try to draw My OC, fullbody, doing some really random things :D
  15. Proudy Hooves

    Time Wasting Thread

    Aw, i don't like to wake up earlier than I supposed to :S Hayyy, anyway, who's played this game:
  16. Proudy Hooves

    A Silly Sunset Shimmers Drawing ^^;

    D3ЯP H2RD!
  17. Proudy Hooves

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    Let's get on da hype request train! How about Dashie being random this time? (I wanted to request her in your sketch requests thread right after Maud)
  18. Proudy Hooves

    MLP Game App Codes

    9a18, playing Amazon Underground one (Yup, prefer this one although it's probably got abandoned)
  19. Proudy Hooves

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    What a cute aviator pone! ^^
  20. Proudy Hooves

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    Woah, these arts really rock! I see, you really like to draw airships and related stuff
  21. Proudy Hooves

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    Simply woah! I'm pretty surprised that you're registered there. Also, that latest art is awesome! Keep up the great work!
  22. Proudy Hooves

    Skeeeeeetch Requests?

    Maud rocks. Literally. Thanks, mate! =3
  23. Proudy Hooves

    Skeeeeeetch Requests?

    Hey there, how about some Maud Pie? And if we can request more, then could you draw Dashie afther Maud?
  24. Proudy Hooves

    Drawing icons/headshots!

    Go ahead for my pony!