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  1. So now that we're well within hiatus territory yet, it'd be more than fitting to post a thread about what other shows we're watching. Not just cartoons, or anime. But other shows, something to bide the time. I've decided to get into Stranger Things on Netflix and got through the first season. With that under my belt, I'll be moving onto Season 2. Or even just start inter-spacing that with Frontier season 2 since that's a thing, though admittedly I didn't like the first season very much but the devious bastards did end that on a cliff hanger so I gotta see what happens next and if I get my Game of Thrones in Canada or not.
  2. Shovel Ware is hardly anything to get worked up about, and to just about everyone Fighting is Magic is dead. Even the Anons on /mlp/ switched their attention to TFH as it has the benefit of official blessing and the touch of Moma Faust. Fighting is Magic is dead, and it's doubtful it'll ever work up the hype it has. In any case, the people behind the original have carried it on to Herds and that's where everyone's hearts and minds are at. One shovelware iteration out of a hundred isn't going to attract any sort of significant attention and it's pretty much pointless to have the air of mystery like you're some investigative journalist.
  3. Legends of Equestria?

    In EquiDev's defense he's sort of has a demo that acts like a full game, where as the others have had mostly conceptual releases put out. And that's him being a... Some number team? Their latest update to the game though was releasing a demo clip of him showing off floating platforms or something. Or as CaptainHoers uploaded: And since I paused Stranger Things for that, I'll post his Horse Games essay:
  4. Legends of Equestria?

    Ambient has the double issue going for it that it asks you set up a basic account on the assumption that the money you collect in the demo will carry over into the full game.
  5. Legends of Equestria?

    Ambient.White isn't much of an RPG. The demo they released last was more of a quasi-puzzle and broken combat game. The issue with Ambient, and by extension FoE/Ashes of Equestria is that they're both overly ambitious compared to something like Horse Game, which uses a comparatively simple engine (I think) and is artistically designed to more match pony in a 3D space and comparatively more simple compared to Ambient's insane magic system, or Ashes trying to replicate the sort of scale of Bethesda's Fallout games on a small team of mostly volunteer amateurs.
  6. >Trying to pass off info on the pony fighting game when we all know that because it got Ceased and Desisted they had to remove the pony, but OP is posting as if it's still pony. Fucking WEW lad. The least you can do is admit that it's not a pony fighting game anymore, but a llama combat simulator with art by Lauran Faust. The fucking original game is shovelware now and anyone can pick up the code and work on it. The official project is Them's Fighting Herds.
  7. Legends of Equestria?

    I think the devs are still keeping tabs on it. There was a whole situation a while back where some user info may have leaked and they were pouncing on that. But not being within the community any more I couldn't tell you what they are, or are not doing. And I haven't played Horse Game, yet. The most I've heard about it was from CaptainHoers when he did a video essay about pone fan-games and comparing the three current major one (Ambient.White, Fallout Equestria/Ashes of Equestria, Horse Game). I've played the demos for Ashes and Ambient.
  8. Legends of Equestria?

    I tried it during a few open-access weekends. It was mostly a glorified 3D chat room back then with some meme-level boundary breaking capabilities. After they started trying to add quests and stuff, even during those days they had basic quests but they were pretty broken. But it's a fan-made game made by amateurs so it's pretty hit and miss all together. Once EquiDev gets back to it, Horse Game may be the superior pony game. In so far it's mostly single player but I think there's some conjecture it could have been, or may be multi-player in the future. So right now it's hammering out some of the actual game features if that's the case, before making a stab at the network. If that's the case.
  9. Hi, how's it going?

    1. AaronMk
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      Doing fine myself. Listening to music and tempted to so some homework.

  10. I think the only thing I can add to this is that keep in mind the writers of the show come and go and most are brought in on stints. There's not a consistent team, nor is there a very long running theme. The show is meant to be written episodically, and not as a continuous series where each episode feeds in some way into the plot of the other, or even that characters who learned a lesson before will even retain it between episodes, since its emphasis is fairly isolated self-contained stories outside of a few major points controlled in part by the directors. And since the writers for one season may not always be the same for writers on the previous we get multiple interpretations of the same set of characters and the consistency of portraying them or lack there of comes down to what the writer of the day decides that character is based on what they are shown when taking on the job; it's very doubtful that anyone apart from the veteran Faust-era showrunners are given a screening of the entire show up until that point, and at most or least they're shown the important installments throughout the series, probably decided by the writers (If Chrysallis is going to be a main antagonist for an important season opener or finisher, then the writer in charge if he or she is new for example may be asked or made to watch anything featuring Chrysallis). So Starlight Glimmer is only really ever important if it's decided she is important, keeping in mind we have six-other ponies and one dragon who are supposed to be considered the main cast of the show. Glim Glam might get her episodes here and there, but I imagine she's not being too terribly stressed as a mainstay or writers are encouraged to try and focus elsewhere. That said, the format of the show and it operates means there will be a lack of consistency in comparison to more series, story-oriented television shows where there is a one main plot throughout the season or the entire show which would call for a handful of writers to stay on the entire time working together to make interlocking story arcs that tie one episode into another like one scene to another. And if judged as such then the show clearly shows weakness. How many times as Fluttershy for instance learned to be assertive? I could make an argument about how Hasbro would consider the present course of action less expensive because the cut investment in time to get everything to be told as a single long over-arching plot would be cheaper than hiring a full-time writer and not a couple odd-job freelancers. But I don't have those numbers in front of me and not wanting to devote too much time to making the sort of wrong argument that'd be the TV-show version of "Microtransactions subsidize game-production costs" I'll end it there until a production budget can be found and produced across the season(s) with comparisons to other similar shows with a different story-telling methodology. So right now the best we can hope for is if we drop Jim Miller and get MA Larson back at least.
  11. Save net neutrality.

  12. [sniff]

  13. When the show ends.

    The fandom has built up such a force behind the brand it's unlikely it will "die". The brony phenomenon is like a religion in its own right and we'll continue to persist and exist on some level worshiping the brand and the show as its Bible. And when the great High Priest Hasbro decides to release a new iteration we'll more than likely follow that too. But we have energy. It will survive. The only people who leave will be the travelers. The rest of us are invested in its spectacle.
  14. Back in the Fandom. Hi!

    Terror, virtue, or both?
  15. Has Daring Do been made into official plush ?

    You may need to get in contact with a fan plush maker and get ready to shell out a few hundred or a few thousand to make your dream real.