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  1. Is X for sexual?



  2. You have never once answered my question on your opinions on what course history shall taking after the 2016 election through the lens of Hegelian Dialecticsm. Don't leave me hanging, fam.
  3. Terror, virtue, or both?
  4. Terror, virtue, or both?
  5. I'mma let my home-state's quasi-state-run-or-whatever ad agency talk about it. And then just three days later:
  6. Terror, virtue, or both?
  7. Is this the 1980's again? Please god no, not the 80's again.
  8. http://aaronmk.deviantart.com/art/A-Sisterly-Civil-War-681720439 Because I had to.
  9. As some others in the same vein I would've gotten to a fourth, but a new episode happened and I had to do art.
  10. Crusader Kings 2
  11. Seriously, fuck those fucking eels.
  12. Terror, virtue, or both.