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    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

    >"I'm not a racist, I swear!" >Doesn't want to live with other people who are only slightly off of his perceived self-heritage never mind it's the least important thing ever. Learn to live with people fam.
  2. AaronMk

    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

    Appealing to a broad freedom is a weak-ass argument and you're going to need to innumerate. Because even in real world application of the philosophy where we have exceptions when it comes to hate speech, credible threats, NDAs, "fighting words", and so on, then it's not entirely unreasonable to raise an exception for anything that would make a group uncomfortable or uninvited in the community or the fandom. The double punch too comes up that for a show like MLP, to frankly accept calls of death or inferiority of a group of people or type of person within the fandom is antithetical to the shows thematic principle and shows the fandom as being hypocrites. But then again, we're all a bunch of Don Quixotes.
  3. AaronMk

    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

    >He doesn't know the countermanding principles of Negative Liberty as an assurance to an individual's free pursuit of happiness and safety vs positive liberty. I doubt that, eroticism has been a fairly neutral affect of human culture since time the moment man learned to do art and write. Some of the earliest forms of writing were considerably erotic. There are plenty of erotic poems from out of Ancient Egypt and Sumer. Unless your identifying "clop" as being an issue on par with the modern pornography industry then it's not so much that the nature of erotic works is bad, but that systematized commercialization of pornography contributes to such a mass market saturation of sausages in buns feeds into a setting of incredibly accessible pornography. This of course means also that it's such a aspect that in places like Derpibooru it can be turned off at user's will. Porn in this aspect is much more a content issue vs a issue of the people. The matter of racists and bigots in the community and how they are treated or interact with it is much on the level of the nature of positive vs negative freedom. Or: the freedom from the thing, and the freedom to do the thing. In absolute forms neither can exist and have to be negotiated. While I can't certainly punch them out of it, the least that can be done is less saying, "they have the right to do the thing" while ignoring the people they make uncomfortable or the over-all negative image they give in the fandom, and more saying, "perhaps they shouldn't get the platform in the fandom's public spaces".
  4. AaronMk

    Let's just...

    Aaron's broader list of complaints on things to remove, merge, or move to some other section of the forum landing: Why is it the first thing anyone sees on the site is Introductions and Town Hall? Introductions I can get but having Town Hall defeats whatever minimal purpose this site may have. A website - even a forum - operates like a newspaper so Town Hall with all is moderator applications, site bitching, and what not needs to be relegated to the bottom of the barrel where anyone who will spend more than five minutes here will be going down to anyways. Sections and sub-forums dedicated to the primary focus of the forum in general - My Little Pony - needs to be moved closer to the top so that's it's clearly visible and up front. To that effect too, Introductions should have a smaller profile so it's not as dominating; no one should be here to introduce themselves. Reasoning being the average attention span for most new users on average ends at three seconds and if the only establishment is that MASSIVE AS FUCK LOGO then of course we're dead: everyone might as well just go to EQD itself to talk pony and not use the """official""" EQD forums. Events & Groups and the Rainbowfalls Exchange - Nukes these entirely. Clearly no one uses them but a forum isn't typically a workable platform for these things. And after all we have a Status Bar and if one or the other's only purpose is to effectively advertise, then someone can use that. There's been no new posts in six months outside of an ad bot. This isn't mentioning that any organization for a meet up is going to be at the local level and the forum now just has too small a presence at even a """national""" level to be more appropriate a place to organize these outside of localized MLP Facebook groups. Move everything in the My Little Pony section up to take control of the main landing screen on this site. This should be front and center or clearly exposed on initial loading of the site. Not the 450 pixel tall logo and header bar, not so much introductions. Turn introductions into a small side thing without any description because the name is already a description. This should give room to put the pony front and center. Nix the 2017 MLP Movie sub-section in general horse discussion and at the least turn it into general horse movie discussion. Move EQG into that since they're mostly movies given weight of content as plot content versus the shorts. Maybe nuke the classic MLP board and relegate it to the general nature of the general MLP discussion board. Relegate Community Projects into the realm of whatever topical fan-content genre in any of the other forums below. Everything in Friendship is Gaming can probably by merged into one general-purpose forum. Kick all that into the Changeling Hive. Relegate Paper Pony in with Roleplaying because that's effectively what that is. Pen and Paper roleplaying. No need to complicate with additional sub-forums and sub-sub forums. Just lump it all together. Outright murder Fanclub Fortress. If General Posting is going to be the most prominent form of posting for any other board then for the sake of a consistently rising post ticker you don't need to contain that sort of shit. Next: start asking what point this board is because I'm beginning to suspect it's an excuse for people to claim some sort of horse authority by being associated with Equestria Daily on tenuous links.
  5. AaronMk

    Threw off the veil, it's finally time...

    Terror, virtue, or both?
  6. AaronMk

    Hello ponies

    Terror, virtue, or both?
  7. AaronMk

    The Season 7 Spoiler Thread

    Mods are dead. Authority is a spook. Post porn now. :^)
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    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

    Viva Federación Anarquista Equestriá Viva República Equestriá
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    What if you could make your own MLP episode?

    Alternatively a re-spinning of The Symposium since the entire point of that is a discourse on love which is more fitting than mulling over whether what we see physically is merely a projection of reality, and thus a falsehood.
  10. AaronMk

    What if you could make your own MLP episode?

    Twilight's Republic but it's strictly the Analogy of the Cave.
  11. I dunno about that but I legit weep for not having the opportunity to visit anywhere like the Duchy of Toussaint in this world. Maybe someday I shall visit southern rural France.
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    Terror, virtue, or both?
  13. Any ParadoxInteractive game.
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    Hey there!

    Terror, virtue, or both?
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    Hoi hoiii ~

    Terror, virtue, or both?
  16. It's what you get when lorefags insist on deeper shit. You get crossover with issues.
  17. AaronMk

    Hello everypony!

    Terror, virtue, or both?
  18. I need some particularly dedicated roleplayers. The sort willing to experiment with new forms. The sort who don't sit around in IRCs and post 'boop' all the time like a bunch of tarts. I need long-form posting. I need Euros.

    1. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      What kind of RP did you have in mind?

    2. AaronMk


      It's not a new one. I need to recruit new people for an old RP. Or rather, old in the sense that as a franchise it's been alive for five or six years. We're on our first reboot which is a few months old.


      It's an NRP, or Nation Roleplay. The effective format is you assume control of a country, which is to say you have franchise over the country's citizens as characters to write out your own stories as your own, or cooperate or compete with others to spin stories. In an effort to compete with OOC politics, I need someone to take up the mantle of a country in Western Europe, otherwise the powers that share it with me are moving towards the notion that Western Europe should just be destroyed within the story itself because no one posts there and this somehow represents baggage.