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      Unfortunately for Fukuyama, the collapse of Stalinism was not the end of history.  The collapse of that rotten socio-economic system will inevitably be followed by a global crisis of capitalism.  Nothing is left of that "New Economic Paradigm" nonsense bourgeois economists were parroting back in the early 1990's.

    4. AaronMk


      We're going to keep swinging at this again and again and again. What I find funny is that I guess is that he calls himself a Hegelian but forgot some keypoints about Hegelianism. Namely what I'm thinking about is dialectics as cause and effect and that the negation of an idea is simply a negation of the idea at that time, but it may come back as soon as it finds a new notion (if I read Science of Reason right, or however it's titled. But Hegel's prose is like deleting reading.exe).


      I mean, shit. If you want to go off of end of history in the Marxist sense it's only what he viewed as pre-history. Everything after will be born of new material conditions created by communism as a state of human existence.


      So now it can't be described as being an end of one stage and of another in that sense since the material conditions haven't changed, if anything it might be argued it's going back. But, whatever; let it because then it can only revert when we realize a mistake has been made and then we make all the automation property of all men and not a single.