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  1. " There are some "cringe" sides of this fandom that I will just never understand. "Anon" is one of them. "


    Son, sit the fuck down and let me tell you how not to be a newfag.

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    2. AaronMk


      On the principle of being a stand-in for the author or the reader he's no worse than many ponysonas or OCs which usually end up doing the same thing. He's something like an identity-neutral person. Though that doesn't mean he has his variants and there are other Anons than the typical Green Anon.

    3. ArcticEight


      When I see an anon in a comic or something, I just think about how it's related to everyone playing a role in it.
      Like, for instance; "Trixie hugs Anon", this doesn't imply a specific person, but rather something or someone that's up to interpretation.

      Kind of like playing an RPG where you name your own character.

    4. AaronMk


      That's a case too, and yet we're not calling Skyrim out for its lack of creativity (though if we call out any new Elder Scrolls game it's for something else entirely and not the MC, the MC is a player self-insert  by understanding).

  2. Press F to pay respects to Heather, press F to build her a memorial where the Lee is being removed.



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    2. Sylveon


      I mean, you are talking with a dude that hates politics, but fair enough.

    3. AaronMk


      Politics is invasive everywhere. You can try to hate it, but it's not going to get you anywhere. Even outside the sphere of the federal, state, or municipal government you're going to find politics at the private workplace and the school and so on. It is merely the organization or self-organization of society.


      And besides, 98% of anything you'll ever live with in formal politics is municipal level government.

    4. Sylveon


      I know, but I don't have to like it.

  3. So yesterday I was working at my dad's store, wearing my MGS4 Outer Haven shirt and the local conspiracy theorist and Jesus freak comes in for copies of keys.  And he sees my shirt, and starts asking about it. Long story short, he tells me I should burn it because skulls are a sign of Satan and anything with one-eye a sign of the Illuminati. And I should burn my shirt and pray to Jesus.

    So now I'm looking up shirts with Tengri-themed graphics to mess with people such as him.

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    2. AaronMk


      It's a pretty chill song m8.


      I could alternatively post those long shamanic throat-singing/chant videos that go on for an hour or two-hours.



      Which really just make good ambiance.


      Alternatively I could also try to find a shirt based on the Roman god of plenty and agriculture, Saturn and wear that. According to him Saturn is synonymous with Satan and Satan's plan was to make the Sabbath on his day (Sunday, somehow), which'd do... Something I guess.


      But a Sunday Sabbath was too him evil because it's wrong being the Jewish observed the Sabbath on Friday. But so do the Muslims, but they never came up.

    3. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      Oooh, it's music. My bad.:rariwat:

    4. AaronMk


      It's also a music video that is a bit dark. But not edgy like some Korn music videos.

  4. Only the dead may know peace from this metric shit-ton of early-ass snow.

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    2. AaronMk


      The weather here was saying we'd get 5-6, then up to eight inches of snow. Me and my dad-boss didn't believe them, we figured it wouldn't stick and would be done by the afternoon.


      A whole day later the snow stopped falling and we got dumped on. I'd hazard to say we got closer to one foot of snow. But I haven't gone out to measure anything. All I know is that it's half as high as one of our dogs are tall.

    3. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      Stop making Nanfoodle jelly for your snow. :notimpressed:

    4. AaronMk


      You can have my snow Nan, if fucking makes me hurt.


      Two straight days of shoveling it and everything hurts.

  5. So given I didn't get enough volunteers for some advanced-stage MvM I went into the world of lobbies by my lonesome and had an interesting time.


    From people pissy at my med loadout to LMAObox bind spam with spin and aimbot scripts to people in a worse skill boat than me.

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    2. AaronMk


      In a weird way it was fun. And it made the successes all the more the relief.


      There was something really fucking funny  about a guy whining I'm not using Kritz and going, "med, use kritz" and after he still going, "Med, use kritz or we'll kick" despite healing him with my Kritzkrieg.


      Then he tried and my game crashed. I think the two times it did that was the most aggravating. I'm so done trying to tell people what meta they shouldn't be using I was just along for the ride.

    3. LuigiFan45


      Shit, I could join you on your MvM adventures!!!

    4. AaronMk


      I didn't have a big enough base group of people so I ran solo.


      In the end Toki did join me since he shared the last mission in the expert selection as I had.

  6. Game night on the official TF2 servers. Get in here new friends! Just use this address in-game to connect:  


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    2. Misscellanio


      I was about to ask what is that, but it's team fortress. I don't play it. Thought it was an mlp game and was curious

    3. ArcticEight
    4. AaronMk


      Then get in here

  7. :^)



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    2. Toki Zensekai
    3. AaronMk


      I besides the implications I have implied to establish what is going on, or to get you thinking: the answers are all "you decide".

    4. Toki Zensekai
  8. I swear to fucking god Microsoft, I do not want Windows 10. Stick your collective dicks in a wall socket.

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    2. AaronMk


      >And loose the ability to play STALKER


    3. Skyrazer


      The upgrade messages will stop once Win10 becomes 1 year old. They did the Free upgrade within the first year of 10's release so it should piss off around the end of July iirc. 


      Or maybe it won't and it'll make you pay for the upgrade instead of it being free. :hithere:

    4. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      Should I install this update labeled "Win_10_Mandatory_Update_for_Skynet"?

  9. Maurice_Quentin_de_La_Tour,_portrait_de_

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    2. AaronMk


      Nah mang, that dude too French to be >Holy







      Voltaire is like le meme man I haven't even seen on /lit/. Or perhaps he's too much like le edgi fedora atheist for them.

    3. ChibiDashie


      Give her the di--- Oops, wrong philosopher.

    4. Stormugandr
  10. /mlp/ 4cc scarf status: obtained.







    Smells like fresh autism. ^:)

  11. 1674215__safe_artist-colon-aaronmk_oc_oc

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    2. AaronMk
    3. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      Unfortunately for Fukuyama, the collapse of Stalinism was not the end of history.  The collapse of that rotten socio-economic system will inevitably be followed by a global crisis of capitalism.  Nothing is left of that "New Economic Paradigm" nonsense bourgeois economists were parroting back in the early 1990's.

    4. AaronMk


      We're going to keep swinging at this again and again and again. What I find funny is that I guess is that he calls himself a Hegelian but forgot some keypoints about Hegelianism. Namely what I'm thinking about is dialectics as cause and effect and that the negation of an idea is simply a negation of the idea at that time, but it may come back as soon as it finds a new notion (if I read Science of Reason right, or however it's titled. But Hegel's prose is like deleting reading.exe).


      I mean, shit. If you want to go off of end of history in the Marxist sense it's only what he viewed as pre-history. Everything after will be born of new material conditions created by communism as a state of human existence.


      So now it can't be described as being an end of one stage and of another in that sense since the material conditions haven't changed, if anything it might be argued it's going back. But, whatever; let it because then it can only revert when we realize a mistake has been made and then we make all the automation property of all men and not a single.

  12. When you be France and make piece with your foes France.


    1. Stormugandr


      And so ends the Franco-French war of 1505. The decisive battle of which was at Poitou, where 15,000 French soldiers decisively defeated an army of 12,000 French soldiers. :hurrr: 

    2. AaronMk


      And when the I.R.A took more Italy.

    3. AaronMk




      up th' ra




  14. 8035550.jpg

    1. Cyber Commander

      Cyber Commander

      Yeah no Dark Souls isn't hard. Its just the meme of difficulty.

    2. AaronMk


      tfw STALKER is slipped so far out of the mainstream there'll never be anything referred to as STALKER-like.



      Or at least not until GSC gets its shit together and announces a new one.

    3. Lord Seraph

      Lord Seraph

      There is a new STALKER game?

  15. Right, so it's been long enough with the /mlp/'s Summer Victory 2: Electric Bugaloo avatar.

    1. RogueCookie


      So what the hell is this?!

      At least I knew what your last avatar is, now this is a new level of weird.

    2. AaronMk
    3. RogueCookie
  16. "Play me like one of your fiddles, Cipher." - Benedict "Kazahura" Miller

    1. -----
    2. -----


      Come on man, that's the most important part.

  17. Yo, I went and bought four MannUp tickets with the intention of someday doing Tale of Two Cities and I need a team. So I suppose if you want to do Man Up and have tickets and want to shoot robots then hit me up, add me, whatever and we can do it sometime.


    Of course we'll need to work out and when and what time. I am between jobs ATM so anytime is good until I rope in an interview and a new job then the schedule will be scrambled.

    1. LuigiFan45


      I can buy tickets. :P

    2. LuigiFan45


      Just let me know when you wanna play MvM.


      I'm in Central Standard Time

  18. "Anon, you would accept silam from another pony. Do you NOT have LOYALTY? I'll have you know the Great Khan has burned cities... for... less? Wait...



    1. Stormugandr


      Absolutely heretical :heresy: 

    2. AaronMk


      :popcorn:"Hey Twilight, would you like to here the good word of John Wycliffe? He says Celestia owns too much land, that the Sacrament is a weird-as-fuck metaphor, and we should stop partaking in the suffering of our Lord and Savior. Oh, and Canterlot is too fancy and we should devote more time to helping people and not praising the sun."


      :megusta:"... Hellfire..."





    1. Twilight Eclipse Daeth

      Twilight Eclipse Daeth

      That's some really awesome art =3 
      Pretty Rad,
      Gotta say no I understand your one message in my Introduction threat a bit better XD
      I would seek Silam now XD even praise :P 
      Dashie is one o my favs~

    2. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      That is a very nice one, Flutters makes everything cute :3

  19. So got a phone-call from Home Depot saying they'd like to move me into working late/overnight freight for my job interview. I'd get a dollar extra over doing the "garden sales associate" position they had penned me in for.

    1. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      Do eet. Working night time is awesome.


      Also, you don't have to talk to people!


      It's a win-win situation


      From: Kmart electronics cashier. (halp)

    2. AaronMk


      Well I'll presumably be working freight and unloading stuff from the trucks during hours the store itself is closed so even if it was anything else I wouldn't be dealing with anyone. But right now it's up to how my face-to-face interview goes.

  20. The first ever FiG official-unofficial Hunger Games have begun. Watch the blood-letting here:


    1. LegendaryR'QA


      How can something be Official and Unofficial? Thous things are mutually exclusive...

    2. AaronMk


      I meant what I meant and mean what I mean.

  21. I'm running another Hunger Games sim. Actually sign some shit up, damn it: 


  22. Tfw I draw and my hand feels like it's going to destroy itself.


    Is this the onset of early nerve damage? I hope not.

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Hopefully not, that would be kinda bad

    2. ChibiDashie


      Let's hope it's not carpal tunnel because that sucks

    1. Skyrazer


      Behold, the power of tickles.

    2. AaronMk


      tfw EquestriaPrevails Undertale stuff if qtaf






      tfw I'm also unironically describing things as cute

      wat has poner don