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  1. Don't worry, I don't think anyone plays the servers.


    Especially with shit going on that requires you play on official Valve servers to matter.

  2. New Orleans, I miss ya. But I guess this live-stream of Voodoo-fest will have to do.

  3. ur brtty gud. kepd u waidin'

  4. Hard rootbeer just hits me like a hammer. Like, god-damn.

  5. Lovely, brothers, lovely.

    Lovely t'is a time to live!



  6. "I killed a man." -Jim "I killed a man" Webb

  7. Made blackened catfish and a Kholrabi slaw. Is good.


  9. My Little Vocal Chord Parasites: Volbachia is Magic.

    Coming to a channel near you.

    Produced by DD Entertainment

  10. Who is this hacker 4chins and how do I get as many chins as he?

  11. I'll not spread your sorrows to the heartless sea. Come, put your roots in me; we'll be one. We're all diamonds.

    We'll press their ashes into diamonds and carry them into battle with us. We're all Diamond Dogs.

  12. "Nothing is more creative than death, since it is the whole secret of life. It means that the past must be abandoned, that the unknown can not be avoided, that 'I' cannot continue, and that nothing is ultimately fixed. When a man knows this, he lives for the first time in his life. By holding his breath, he loses it. Be letting it go he finds it." -Alan Watts

  13. There's a guy in this RP forum I visit who's wondering why there's no sci-fi set in the local group, and both me and a friend are mine are tossing around the social hypotheticals that transcend all we know to the point it can not even be grasped. At such a state: life as we know it could possibly have transcended bodies. I then posed that life at this sort of local-group spanning influence may have just as well became the Jian Siddhas.

    And now I'm thinking that what we need now is an RP set in the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe of Douglas Adams' writing.

  14. Today I learned Tea is grown in Sochi, Russia and has been grown since sometime around 1905-1910, and these seeds are from southern Georgia, and in that same region of Georgia avocados are grown in the bosom of the Caucus mountains.

    There goes impressions of goat fuckery.

  15. "Play me like one of your fiddles, Cipher." - Benedict "Kazahura" Miller

    1. -----
    2. -----


      Come on man, that's the most important part.

  16. The main tract of Buddhism is: "Life is shit."

    However, life suffers shit together and if we're to pull through as individuals the least one can do is have a little compassion. We're all a part of the same body of water in the end.