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  1. If something could be said to have never existed, could it ever be said it had died?

  2. Left Unity is like the search for Shangri-La of politics.

  3. tfw a friend and me sit down over Steam and devise a Fallout far better than Fallout 4.

  4. We draw closer to Posadism every day.



  5. So today is Columbus Day.





    Fuck him, Leif Erikson and Erik the Red and the euskaldunak for life. The true European discoverers of America, the non-subjugaters.

  6. Comrade Hopper is my comrade. Vive the Commonfolk. Death to The Civilized.

  7. tfw I should be doing other things, instead I find myself sitting here on Leftybooru looking at screencaps of posts arguing about topics as old as the most initial leftist schism(s): Bakunin vs Marx, or "Marx just stole is ideology from a bunch of pre-existing leftist sources ranging from Bakunin to Proudhon to old-school French socialists because he's a fucking moron". The later having been a post to BTFO tankies.




  9. China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China Chyna.



  10. Press F to pay respects to Heather, press F to build her a memorial where the Lee is being removed.



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    2. Sylveon


      I mean, you are talking with a dude that hates politics, but fair enough.

    3. AaronMk


      Politics is invasive everywhere. You can try to hate it, but it's not going to get you anywhere. Even outside the sphere of the federal, state, or municipal government you're going to find politics at the private workplace and the school and so on. It is merely the organization or self-organization of society.


      And besides, 98% of anything you'll ever live with in formal politics is municipal level government.

    4. Sylveon


      I know, but I don't have to like it.

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  11. Joe Hill 2020, make America the Haymarket Riot again!

  12. Perfect men don't exis-



  13. "

    You know what, I’m going to tell you guys a story.

    In my Sociology class a few semesters ago, our prof had us break off into groups and, much to our naive joy, began distributing Monopoly boards! We had no idea what was going on but yay! Games! Of course, once our group, and a number of others, got the board we began to work at setting up and distributing the money…

    until suddenly our prof told us to put the money down and pick up the dice.

    “Roll the dice and sort yourselves from highest to lowest,” our teacher commanded.  "Now, the highest number is the upper class. The next one is upper middle class.  The next two or three are middle class. The last person is in poverty.“

    Well, as the person who rolled a two this was startling and not wholly welcome news.

    From that point the game changed entirely. We had to hand out the money so that the “upper class” had this fucking mountain, and then less for upper middle, even less for middle, and I didn’t get any triple digit bills. We would all collect different amounts from passing go as well.

    The biggest change though? Going to jail. Upper class didn’t. Period. Upper middle class could go but they only had to stay for one turn or they could immediately pay their way out. Middle class had some pretty easy guidelines for when they could pay to get out. As lower class, it was really easy for me to wind up in jail and REALLY hard to get out. But since I was working with so little money when everyone else had so much I was in jail all the time because there was no “game over”.  If I couldn’t pay I had to go to jail for a certain period of time. I had to take out loans with interest I could never pay back just to get out only to wind up back in it again, rolling dice turn after turn hoping to be able to get out.

    It was simultaneously the most enlightening and most awful game I had ever played. I was bored and frustrated and a little terrified about it all. And it wasn’t only me. I would never win, I sort of accepted this, but it was amazing how the middle classes reacted as well.  They were stressed. Because they were always that close to either being able to one-up the upper class or from crashing into poverty with me. They had to fight constantly just to stay in the middle.

    (I should also mention that the upper class player in one group felt so bad for the lower income players that they ended up overhauling their entire game and creating a “socialist” society instead. I’m not sure how our teacher felt about that one.)"