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  1. Right, so it's been long enough with the /mlp/'s Summer Victory 2: Electric Bugaloo avatar.

    1. RogueCookie


      So what the hell is this?!

      At least I knew what your last avatar is, now this is a new level of weird.

    2. AaronMk
    3. RogueCookie
    1. Skyrazer


      Behold, the power of tickles.

    2. AaronMk


      tfw EquestriaPrevails Undertale stuff if qtaf






      tfw I'm also unironically describing things as cute

      wat has poner don

  2. I guess my dad's got me watching Supernatural.

  3. So I bought a ScarfAnon scarf. Turns out he moved his buisiness to Etsy and I saw the price and knew I could do it.


    Now I play the waiting game.

  4. >Make (or adopt) a fantasy iron-age/early medieval Nation RP.

    >Say no magic

    >Include northern latitudes with the base-line being effectively the latitude of Helsinki and Saint Petersburg equivelant

    >People try to apply as snake-people

    >People try to sneak magic in

    >I've already refused the dimensionality of flight, but they still try.


    Are you fuckers even taking me seriously?

  5. Just sitting here, drawing Whaler Applejack.


    From Hell's heart she stabs at thee.

  6. Central Nervous System Anon has a month to return and fulfill the prophecy he has laid.

  7. :^)



    1. Toki Zensekai
    2. AaronMk


      I besides the implications I have implied to establish what is going on, or to get you thinking: the answers are all "you decide".

    3. Toki Zensekai
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  8. If anyone's been following, or even knows of the Minecraft server thread they would know that I'm setting one up. So far it 's live, but I have it tied up with a whitelist so I can get a set-up crew in to get the fantasy adventury world for you all build. Only half this crew has reported in for duty though.

    1. Lunar Holiday

      Lunar Holiday

      And we shall be waiting...


  9. Whiskey, vodka, now my latest favorite thing to do is to slowly rock my head around.


    Also I'm listening to Wagner for some reason.

  10. " There are some "cringe" sides of this fandom that I will just never understand. "Anon" is one of them. "


    Son, sit the fuck down and let me tell you how not to be a newfag.

    1. AaronMk


      On the principle of being a stand-in for the author or the reader he's no worse than many ponysonas or OCs which usually end up doing the same thing. He's something like an identity-neutral person. Though that doesn't mean he has his variants and there are other Anons than the typical Green Anon.

    2. ArcticEight


      When I see an anon in a comic or something, I just think about how it's related to everyone playing a role in it.
      Like, for instance; "Trixie hugs Anon", this doesn't imply a specific person, but rather something or someone that's up to interpretation.

      Kind of like playing an RPG where you name your own character.

    3. AaronMk


      That's a case too, and yet we're not calling Skyrim out for its lack of creativity (though if we call out any new Elder Scrolls game it's for something else entirely and not the MC, the MC is a player self-insert  by understanding).

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  11. I just learned I have 3,500 subscribers on YouTube.


    What the fuck, I haven't done anything.

    1. StarlightGlimmer


      Ah, Maybe your subscribers want you to make more videos?

  12. Maurice_Quentin_de_La_Tour,_portrait_de_

    1. AaronMk


      Nah mang, that dude too French to be >Holy







      Voltaire is like le meme man I haven't even seen on /lit/. Or perhaps he's too much like le edgi fedora atheist for them.

    2. ChibiDashie


      Give her the di--- Oops, wrong philosopher.

    3. Stormugandr
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  13. Saturday Night TF2 is a thing. I advise you all to get in.


    Official Steam group with relevant server info: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Equestriadaily

  14. This is your semi-regular reminder a official EQD Steam group exists and we have servers. Use them.



  15. Do you like horses? Do you live video games? Do you have Steam? Join the forum's OFFICIAL steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Equestriadaily


    Here you can be one with everyone who vidyas. As well: you will get notifications for our regular(ish) TF2 gaming nights if you don't already play the servers during downtime (which needs to happen).

    1. Ribbon


      I've been looking for a reason to start playing TF2. Joined (though I can't promise I'll be especially active, sorry).

  16. You know, one could say The Influence of Sea Power upon History was Hawaii's doom because it inspired a whole school of American leaders to pick up on the island-collection game. But then you would have to also consider that Hawaii as an independent nation wouldn't have been so fucked if they didn't let in Yankee capitalists to run the sugar economy and become a concentrated elite. But then you would also have to stop and consider that Kalākaua was a big partier and drinker (but the American presence wasn't entire his fault either). But going further back, you realize the American missionaries that taught he and Liliuokalani were sorta giant cunts that literally whipped their Hawaiian students with a bull whip (or the one who lead them in particular) for such small infractions as sneaking out at night to find food to feed themselves because all they were given was the totally OK bread and molasses.


    You could go on further, but here we have the picture of how to kill a small island nation.


    You're welcome.

    1. AaronMk


      By the way, 19th century New England academia was intense, voltaire.

  17. 8035550.jpg

    1. Cyber Commander

      Cyber Commander

      Yeah no Dark Souls isn't hard. Its just the meme of difficulty.

    2. AaronMk


      tfw STALKER is slipped so far out of the mainstream there'll never be anything referred to as STALKER-like.



      Or at least not until GSC gets its shit together and announces a new one.

    3. Lord Seraph

      Lord Seraph

      There is a new STALKER game?

  18. Tfw I draw and my hand feels like it's going to destroy itself.


    Is this the onset of early nerve damage? I hope not.

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Hopefully not, that would be kinda bad

    2. ChibiDashie


      Let's hope it's not carpal tunnel because that sucks

  19. >"Calpain-EQD has added you to their DeviantWATCH"