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  1. FiG Gamenight. Get the hell into the TF2 server and poni poni.


    The populated server IP:

  2. At some point in my CK2 game I want to try and seduce the Ecumenical Patriarch. The meeting'd be like, "Hey bby, I'm a patrician and you a patriarch lets bang k?"

  3. That frustration when you decide you need to depict Celestia and Luna as divine Roman Empresses and a sacrificial spectacle is what comes up to confirm not only godliness and their rank. But then this gets complicated with and hung up on that nasty Roman stickler known as them illegalizing human sacrifice because they were disgusted by it, and that cows (the a-list sacrificial animal in the Roman arsenal) is considered on par with pone in intellect and may fall under the pony version of "absolutely no human sacrifice".


    Wine and incense just are not fitting for a public event.

  4. tfw I find myself seriously entertaining the merits of voting Green Party or Libertarian come November.

  5. STAAALKERRR, put that shooter away first.

  6.  When someone posts a chain-posting creepy pasta thing online: "In 1927 at the age of 25 Charles Lindbergh became the first man to fly east across the Atlantic from New York to Paris. He did this alone and without a navigator, arriving where he said he would and when he said he would. At an age when many young people his age would be worried about higher education he tackled the era's most insurmountable obstacle, became an overnight sensation, and brought about the end of a hemisphere of distance which closed totally within the decade.

    And while he did that, you want to shitpost terrible memes and chain emails on the internet? Please, you're being plebeian."

  7. I have launched the first post-merger Hunger Games sim. All spaces were filled and if you were looking to join it's too late to do that now. Next time maybe, whenever that is.


    Until then, feel free to read the memes.


  8. I need blood, and I got four slots open. Get in here:


  9. Game night on the official TF2 servers. Get in here new friends! Just use this address in-game to connect:  


    1. Misscellanio


      I was about to ask what is that, but it's team fortress. I don't play it. Thought it was an mlp game and was curious

    2. ArcticEight
    3. AaronMk


      Then get in here

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  10. I realized that this place was one of the places I forgot to change my avatar for.


    Time to get stabby.

  11. I'm still in a dream, Snake Eattteerrrrrrrr

  12. Can ya'll slow down on intro threads so I can get a bite to eat?

  13. S E C O N D  S T A R











  14. So my keyboard died and I had to refresh Windows to restore my drivers and shit to get this to work. Now I'm on the road to reinstalling EVERYTHING.

  15. In the words of Sarah Vowell, anyone who seeks to study American History should keep one particular bible verse in mind: Acts 16:6.


    The inspiration for intense preachy New Englander missionary work.

  16. So yesterday I was working at my dad's store, wearing my MGS4 Outer Haven shirt and the local conspiracy theorist and Jesus freak comes in for copies of keys.  And he sees my shirt, and starts asking about it. Long story short, he tells me I should burn it because skulls are a sign of Satan and anything with one-eye a sign of the Illuminati. And I should burn my shirt and pray to Jesus.

    So now I'm looking up shirts with Tengri-themed graphics to mess with people such as him.

    1. AaronMk


      It's a pretty chill song m8.


      I could alternatively post those long shamanic throat-singing/chant videos that go on for an hour or two-hours.



      Which really just make good ambiance.


      Alternatively I could also try to find a shirt based on the Roman god of plenty and agriculture, Saturn and wear that. According to him Saturn is synonymous with Satan and Satan's plan was to make the Sabbath on his day (Sunday, somehow), which'd do... Something I guess.


      But a Sunday Sabbath was too him evil because it's wrong being the Jewish observed the Sabbath on Friday. But so do the Muslims, but they never came up.

    2. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      Oooh, it's music. My bad.:rariwat:

    3. AaronMk


      It's also a music video that is a bit dark. But not edgy like some Korn music videos.

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  17.  Battlefield 1: 


    1. Cyber Commander

      Cyber Commander

      Wish Verdun had a bit more polish so I could convince people to play it.

  18. Just a reminder:





  20. I'm running another Hunger Games sim. Actually sign some shit up, damn it: 


  21. The lack of a third-person spectator camera really triggers me. So many fuckers look so low they have no situational awareness.



  22. "Rare. Rare. Rare. No one gets it anymore. Rare. Rare. Rare."