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  1. reviews

    This episode has something of a special place for me. Let me try to explain. Back in 1990, Star Trek: The Next Generation aired Best of Both Worlds, part II. It, and the previous episode, were landmarks in the franchise and did a big number on the crew and ship. Now, back then, it would've been easy to just have the series go on without addressing what had happened. Instead, they did the right thing, and took an episode to address the aftermath. Family And I love them for doing that. I consider 'Castle Sweet Castle' to be the 'Family' of Friendship is Magic. And I dearly love it for doing that. For taking a step back and addressing the aftermath. Legit, massive kudos there from me.
  2. Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one.
  3. Yeah. I'm not a fan of it, either. As for her getting a Mane Six... I'm kind of opposed to the idea, but I also have a feeling it's a definite possibility. Trixie and Thorax would be definite members, if it happened.
  4. reviews

    Yes, Derpy. You have your target. Feel the burning rage within you. Find the muffin thief, then unleash an UNSPEAKABLE EVIL!!!!!!!!!! upon her! ... Too subtle?
  5. reviews

    Ah, Our Town. God, right out of the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. Yeah, much as I could rant about Starlight later on, this season premiere was fucking awesome. Starlight here was a great villain. And damn but Our Town was creepy as fuck. Something to note, the techniques Starlight used on the Mane Six after they had their cutie marks removed, and her general sway over the town? That's what real-life cults do! That's an extra-special shown their work there.
  6. reviews

    Season four, for me overall, is probably the best season.
  7. fan club

    Dammit! Only Trixie can be so sexy and so cute!
  8. reviews

    For me, bar none, the best season finale they've had. And it ends quite probably the best long-range story arc the show's done. That was a really good moment, and did help a lot with previous problems. Don't worry. Cheese Sandwich has a backup Boneless! I gotta admit. As much as I loved this two-parter, with reservation, I've never liked the Rainbow Power look. Very garish, haphazard designs and placement of decorations. Just... wrong. Gotta agree. As is, it's very out-of-place and quite... tacky. Yeah. He was awesome, badass, just... cool all-around. As someone who's old enough to have watched G1 when it first aired, it was a real treat to seem him and Scorpan. So much this. Discord's reformation here at the end? it had ME believing in it. Think about that for a moment, folks. Just... ponder. Not even 'What About Discord' can taint it for me. Bless you, Heath. Bless you. Yes. I found Celestia's plan to be bugfuck insane, stupid, and quite frankly, cowardly. First, thanks for the shout-out. Second, this right here dispels any notion that Celestia has any precognitive powers worth a damn. She's got a vision... of either the present or immediate future. And she doesn't even know what it is. To me, that means she gets them so rarely, if at all, she can't even recognize them for what they are. And this. This right here. Tirek was weak, undoubtedly unable to stand up to even one of the Princesses... and Celestia sends Discord out to do the dirty work. She hides like a fucking coward in her castle. Wow. I think right there went any and all remaining shreds of dignity she had. That was just pathetic. Just... pathetic. So, yeah. this had flaws, but it was still pretty damned great.
  9. reviews

    Yeah. There was a lot of potential with the Equestria Games arc. And barring Harshwhinny... I don't think any of it was realized.
  10. reviews

    It's an underwhelming conclusion to a half-based story arc. I am glad the Equestria Games arc is done.
  11. Starlight Glimmer. In a heartbeat.
  12. reviews

    There's something good and bad about the puppeteer and the work Rarity does for his cart. On one hand, every thing he says is objectively correct. All the problems he has are actual problems that will interfere with his work. He's got good points all-around. On the other hand...I've got a bit of a problem with Rarity making those mistakes. She loves form, but I just have problems seeing her ignoring function. I dunno.
  13. fan club

    Got front-row tickets.
  14. reviews

    So much this it's not even funny. I know the standard response is, "Then we wouldn't have an episode!" Thing is? Sometimes that's a good thing! We appreciate your reviews.
  15. fan club

    So, for us toy collectors, here's something exciting... Trixie is getting her own EQG mini-figure! I'm waiting for it to either hit retail, or another online store that's not that expensive.