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  1. Okay, sorry. Been a while since I posted anything here. Not sure if anyone's paying attention, but... My Trek/MLP crossover, Where No Pony Has Gone Before, I've just published chapter eight. :)
  2. reviews

    I fucking love this episode. This salvages the dragon species and is just so damned good. I think Ember will make a fine dragon lord. The only tiniest problem I had with this episode was when we saw Rarity mining. Not the fact that she was mining, but that she didn't have the Diamond Dogs mining and commanded them as EMPRESS RARITY, LORD OF THE UNDERDARK! Old joke from another forum. Moving on, moving on... ;p
  3. fan club

    @ChB I loved her taking Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity, down a peg in Boast Busters during her show. They started shit, but she finished it! Later during that episode, fighting the damned Ursa Minor. What did her hecklers do? Jack and shit against it. Also loved during To Where and Back Again her in the hive. Trixie really does have guts, and I wish that would be acknowledged in the show.
  4. fan club

    For those interested. they released an EQG mini of Trixie. :D
  5. reviews

    @Cinder Vel, that fic was very funny. Thanks for the link. As for the episode... I like Tender Taps? To be honest, that's about all I can say about it. *Shrugs*
  6. reviews

    God, @Number? is right. Celestia couldn't hold her own against a friggin' nor'easter. She'd be lost and helpless here in New Hampshire in January!
  7. reviews

    The Dark Crystal is a 1982 movie made by Jim 'Patron Saint of Puppetry' Henson. I... honestly wish I could describe it more beyond that. Because he's not a main character. Therefore, he exists to be screwed by the main characters. Maud and Rarity.
  8. reviews

    Considering how she appeared in the image you used right above it, must've been rather the ordeal indeed. Shout-out to Dark Crystal is go. I found this season opener to be... acceptable. Spike was fantastic as support. I love Flurry Heart. Shining Armor and Cadance were cool as frazzled first-time parents. Sunburst was interesting as a failed student... but I wanted to smack him upside the head with a skyscraper when his reaction to Starlight's confession was the time travel. No, I'm not a pony.
  9. reviews

    My least-favorite season finale is easily Magical Mystery Cure. They took two-three episode's worth of material and crammed it into one episode with a trash compactor. Dear gods but that episode was so damned rushed it broke several laws of physics and storytelling. Didn't help that Twilight got rewarded for fucking up with magic again and Celestia came off as a manipulative jackass. And don't even get me started on how, to this day, the effects of the spell still don't make sense.
  10. reviews

    Good overview of the season, Nuke. Nice dissection of the highs and lows. Like @King Clark I wouldn't have rated Cutie Map as number one. Other than that... can't really disagree with anything here.
  11. Now that I think about it, another character I've wanted to see more of is Hoity-Toity. He's blunt about his criticisms, but 1. it's his job and 2. Rarity said the same damned stuff and probably thought even worse. Hell, overall in Suited for Success he's a very reasonable guy. He goes to Ponyville as a favor for Spike. And even though he's got no reason to, he attends the second fashion show and gives Rarity the praise due to her. I know he had a cameo voice in Green Isn't Your Color and just reappeared, but I wish he'd have shown up a lot more. Guy needs more love.
  12. reviews

    @WaterPulse, those pics were awesome. ASnd that's a pretty nice little snippet of writing, too.
  13. And I do believe he said about four words. Agreed 100%. Total waste.
  14. reviews

    I don't have much to say about the different AUs. I'm not qualified to comment on them. Butterflies flap their wings, all that. Two things stand out for me. One, most of you probably know. the other, though... 1. The Mane Five. Useless. We saw alternate versions of them throughout the differing timelines. It would've been so cool-and friendly-of them all to be taken and team up with Twilight to help out at the end! But nnoooooo! We can't have Twilight's friends helping her out during a crisis! That would be silly! God, what a waste! 2. Starlight's bullshit backstory/Karma Houdini card. Yeah. Most of you knew this was coming, right? *Cracks knuckles* What, Starlight? Never heard of letters? trains? Just fucking trotting to Canterlot?! Considering what we've seen others can do traveling, no. And... okay. It's not good you lost touch with him. That's no excuse for your crimes. And yes, they were crimes. And remember. this is all we've got for her. Anything else is speculation and hypothesizing. I go with what we've got. And what we've got is pretty damned bad. As for her redemption montage... I'm not a pony. That much is a guarantee. If I was one of the citizens of Our Town you would've had to restrain me from some of the old ultra-violence. Does that make me evil/bad? If so, I'll cop to it.
  15. reviews

    The Mane Attraction. This episode... I love it. I love Rara. I love the songs-especially the first one. I love the background for Applejack. I love Svengallop in the best Ted Dibiase way. I love the message. I love Pinkie Pie and wanted to hug her. However, there's a problem with the episode. And it's another, "It's not you, it's me," thing going on. And it's kinda complicated. I like Kesha. No, really. i love her music. And Lady Gaga. And Nickelback! I'm not joking, there. I love pop music. I also love rock. And country. And Motown. And blues. And rap. And K-pop. And soundtracks. And.... I think you get the picture when it comes to my musical tastes. There's pretty much no genre of music where I haven't found something or someone I like in it. Artists and subgenres, some I dislike. But overall, I like... music. My tastes vary so much I don't have a top ten favorite songs of all-time, only a top-three. And here's the sticky wicket for me. I love Rara's piano piece at the end, and am genuinely glad she can perform as she wants to. The thing is... I vastly preferred the first number she did. Not the one in camp. I mean, I remember on my Facebook feed once. There was a picture. On one side was some guy with a guitar in the street. the other was some pop star dancing. I don't know who she was, her head was down, and even if she was looking at the camera, her face would've half the size of my pinkie. The question was, who would you rather listen to? And on and on and on, people said the guy had 'more soul' or 'wasn't a sellout' or 'wanted it more' or bullshit like that. All i could think was... both. Or hell, lemme listen to them playing instead of looking at a static picture! By the by, do not get me started on 'sellout' and how much I fucking hate that term. It wouldn't be healthy. Not a joke, either. Anyway... I'm not 100% sure where I'm even going with this. Since as I said, I like both Rara's. I just like the first one more. Although legit good on her for singing like she wants to. So... yeah. I'm gonna listen to some Kesha. then maybe some Mozart. And follow it up with Run-DMC or Busta Rhymes.