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  1. review

    Ooh, yes. Good one. And quite appropriate, too. Actually was legit not aware of that. Thank you. And so, so expected.
  2. review

    Well... nice job, Hasbro. Just fucking great.
  3. review

    Yeah. Has there been anything official that shows Sunset pre-Equestria Girls:The Movie in a positive light?
  4. review

    Yeah, @Number?and @WaterPulse both bring up great points. As much as I like Sunset's redemption arc in Rainbow Rocks, it's basically started by mind-fucking with the original! I mean, what's gotta be remembered is, with Sunset, overall she was pretty rotten in Equestria Girls. Even worse, there was no 'was once good' like with Luna, or even, and I can't believe to say this, the fig leaf of an excuse with Starlight Glimmer. She wanted power for power's sake, because she felt she was 'owed' it.
  5. review

    Ah, excellent! I found this movie to be... decent. Not the best by far, but not the worst either. I never minded Flash, and found the hate he gets to be so disproportionate to what he may or may not deserve to be almost amusing. As for Sunset... I actually found it kinda refreshing with her that there was no traumatic backstory, no real attempt at any excuse for her behavior. She was power-hungry and an asshole overall, through and through. Although this also means that, at the beginning of Rainbow Rocks, I didn't feel any sympathy at all for her when we see her being shunned. Yup, I'm evil.
  6. Pairing up two characters in a romantic/sexual sense. relationshipping, basically.
  7. Agreed on all of this. Casual and hardcore fans as descriptions in and of themselves aren't bad. It's when they're used to lord imagined superiority over others is when it gets my proverbial goat. I mean, I've been a fan of Transformers since the 1980's. Got a number of my toys from that era, still a fan of most incarnations of it to this day. And I don't consider myself to be 'superior' or any bullshit like that over someone who got in at Beast Wars, of the Unicron Trilogy or the live-action movies or what not. Happy to have you, the high-grade energon is at the long table. But I've had people tell me, in all seriousness, that I'm not a 'true fan' of Transformers because I don't like the 1986 movie all that much. ... Yes, this pisses me off.
  8. Well, we both pay the bills. She still works full-time.
  9. As of this post I'm 38 years old. I still live with my mother, and visit my father regularly. My mother is in her late 60's. She has had both knees operated on, and there's things she can't do anymore. One good nor'easter and she'd be stranded on her house. I mow the lawn, rake the leaves, use the snow-blower, put out the trash/recyclables, and we split the bills. I help my father and stepmother out with stuff at their house, too. And I feel no shame with living with my mother.
  10. Well, congrats to the board.
  11. reviews

    That's probably the best summation of the season I've seen. She more than earned her hatedom. Why yes, I am a bit biased. Why do you ask?
  12. fan club

    Holy crap, that's awesome!
  13. I'm not much of a gamer, to put it mildly. Still, I've played a few. one of the worst for me? 'Where's Waldo' for the original NES.
  14. Basically, are you a 'true fan'? Are you a big, small, medium fan? Trying to quantify how much of a fan someone is for a franchise based on nebulous/arbitrary crap.
  15. Bless you for this one in particular. As someone who LOATHES the idea of fan rankings and the term 'true fan', the idea what there's only one and/or a limited number of ways to enjoy a product truly enrages me. And this review overall? My god. It's a Mona Lisa, a Michelangelo's David.