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  1. Some of my fanfictions

    Been a while. Sorry. I posted chapter thirteen of Where No Pony Has Gone Before. The duel!
  2. Yeah. Magical Mystery Cure could've been a three-parter easily. I almost got whiplash from how fast and jerky that episode handled things.
  3. Reforming villains.

    I'll be honest. I really hope neither of them gets reformed. Doing proper reformations/redemptions in this show seems to be the exception, not the rule.
  4. Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    No! It will always be Sunset/Sci-Twi! That is the one true 'ship in Equestria Girls! Well, that and Trixie/Illusions.
  5. When will we get a trailer for Season 8?

    Doesn't matter if you've watched the leaked episodes or not. Season seven isn't officially over. Patience is a virtue.
  6. Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    I saw this one. And yeah, very funny. 'Best friends'. Yeah, right. Nudge, nudge, wink wink. SAY no more!
  7. Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    There's a fan artist on DeviantArt called MustLoveFrogs, and she's done some amazing stuff with the Shadowbolts. I swear, she put more thought into them with one piece of fanart than the people behind this movie!
  8. Fellow forum posters, today, in 1978, I was born. It's been a long, strange trip for me. And I hope it's just starting. So... PARTY!
  9. Scootaloo has lesbian aunts.

    Well, something from non-TV media I'll actually include in my fanon!
  10. why people think king sombre is a villain

    Well, I- Okay, this. Without the questionably-canon comics, Sombra in the show is a two-dimensional villanous overlord who wants to wage war because. With the questionbaly-canon comics... it doesn't justify his actions. I'll mourn the child's innocence lost while stopping the villain from causing more grief and harm.
  11. Mane 6 Fan Club

    Well, seven years. It's been a damned good run so far.
  12. Season 7, Episode 22: Once Upon a Zeppelin

    I wanted to hug Twilight at various points throughout this episode.
  13. Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    I gotta track these shorts down some day.