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  1. You can only talk in gif's.

  2. What are you listening to?

  3. What's Your Favorite Song In The Soundtrack?

    Of to see the World made it to the Danish charts
  4. Only use quotes from cartoons to have a convesation

    [an ambulance rushes up and stops, but a Russell's Salt truck rushes up and bumps it away; the truck bed lifts up at the front end and dumps the salt on Kenny; if the fire was injury, this is insult]
  5. Quote your life.

  6. What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Pac-Man Bros
  7. Applejack Fan Club

    I think Applebuck Season was my first episode
  8. You can only talk in gif's.

  9. Did you buy anything recently?

    Discman and Cassette Walkman
  10. G3 Ponies Thread

    I also seen Newborn Cuties