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  1. PeeWeePhoenix

    Equestria Girls YouTube Series

    I like them
  2. PeeWeePhoenix

    My Pretty Pony

    I was 8 back in 1981 and did not know about MLP until around 1987.
  3. PeeWeePhoenix

    Season 8, Episode 6: Surf and/or Turf

    I agree.
  4. PeeWeePhoenix

    Season 8, Episode 20: The Washouts

  5. PeeWeePhoenix

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    Of course a big event for the show back then.
  6. PeeWeePhoenix

    Season 8, Episode 19: On the Road to Friendship

    That was worth waiting for
  7. PeeWeePhoenix

    Season 8, Episode 18: Yakity-Sax

    Good too.
  8. PeeWeePhoenix

    Silverstream Fan club

    Another fan of Silverstream.
  9. PeeWeePhoenix

    Did you buy anything recently?

  10. PeeWeePhoenix

    Season 8, Episodes 1 & 2: School Daze

    I also love Silverstream.
  11. PeeWeePhoenix

    Let's Fight Them Herds!

    Another fan of Them' Fightin' Herds.
  12. PeeWeePhoenix

    Favourite 3D Mario game?

    I have 3D Land somewhere in my room.
  13. PeeWeePhoenix

    Any Comic Collectors Here?

    In my teens in the 1980's I had a large comic collection and some of them was including Black Beauty and The Black Stallion comics.