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  1. Just saw a twitter post about Johnny Test making a comeback.........#donotwant

  2. Happy New Years goodbye 2019, hello 2020!

  3. Just saw Rise of Skywalker today! Not trying to spoil it but.......

    Image result for shook hamster meme

  4. Even though G4 has ended, I will continue to be apart of this wonderful fandom!

  5. Back from seeing Scary Stories and all I can say is It was scarier than the books

  6. Saw a red balloon today while in Publix, should I be scared?

  7. Back from seeing Toy Story 4

    Image result for bts feels meme

  8. Going to see Toy Story 4 tomorrow, everyone keeps telling me this one will make you cry worse than the last one....*prepares box of tissues*

  9. As a Beatles fan and a BTS fan, I love this!!!!!!!