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  1. Me when I discovered the awesomeness of BTS

  2. Watching Disney's Hercules on Freeform, god I love this movie! 

  3. My wallet after buying a BTS album

    Image result for dead gif

  4. TrekkieHooves92

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity, Just cleared glacier palace!
  5. Sorry about being late with the Feb. 1st thing, Real life issues etc.

  6. Goodbye 2018!, Hello 2019!

  7. It's Christmas Eve!

  8. Glad to see the spam problem from the other day got fixed

  9. Happy Halloween!

  10. Happy 1st of September 

  11. We just had a pizza guy come to our door asking for directions to an address that doesn't exist in our neighborhood (He tried to call the number that ordered the pizza, but it was disconnected!) #spooky

  12. Well we got not one but two new episodes of mlp fim this morning!, how awesome is that?

  13. Happy 1st of August!

  14. I feel sleepy.....*yawns*

  15. Happy Star Wars Day #Maythefourthbewithyou