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  2. I'm still shock over Neighsay's behavior in School Daze, I'd never thought I'd see racism and xenophobia in mlp! #mindblown

  3. TrekkieHooves92

    Season 8, Episodes 1 & 2: School Daze

    Great start to season 8 but dang IMO about Neighsay, what a racist and a jerkwad!, I wouldn't be surprised if he became the main villain of this season!
  4. mlp fim season 8 is here #happydance

  5. Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

  6. "The Disaster artist" lost to "Call Me By Your Name" in category of adapted screenplay #Oscars #notamused

    1. AaronMk


      I mean, it is pure spectacle. I don't know why you would really bother, they've been trash for a couple decades now.

    2. TrekkieHooves92


      And Logan was a nominee too, put that through your noggin!

  7. Well we've made to march, looking forward to St.paddy's day!

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      i'm excited to get soldiers soul

  8. Got a Fluttershy pez dispenser the other day! ;)

  9. Alright it's now 2018, let's make this year a good one! #hopefully

  10. Hope everyone had an awesome holiday!

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      I did

      did you have an awesome holiday?

    2. TrekkieHooves92
  11. Today is my birthday! #happybirthdaytome

    1. SD13


      Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    2. Havocbyte


      Happy Birthday! :hug::partycannon:

  12. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  13. Had a great Halloween, alot of trick or treaters showed up! almost ran out of candy at one point!

  14. Happy Halloween!

    1. Canyon Light

      Canyon Light

      Happy Nightmare Night as well! :scaryluna:

  15. At the convention, I accidently called a Deathstroke cosplayer "Deadpool", #godforgiveme

  16. Happy Friday the 13th! #Fridaythe13th

    1. Canyon Light

      Canyon Light

      I just get back from inactivity and this status update is here. I may not of known the person or their comedic career, but it is sad nonetheless.

  17. Just read an article where Lynda Carter slammed James Cameron for dissing the wonder woman movie, damn James you got owned! XD