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  1. I was probably seven or eight when it happened, I don't recall where I was but I just remember seeing it on television and my entire world as a child being shattered because being that young I thought I was living in a country where nothing like this could happen.....

  2. X and Y was awesome!, this is what Pokemon I have on my teams

    Pokemon X

    Greninja Lv.100

    Simisage Lv.100

    Butterfree Lv.100

    Charizard Lv.100

    Aurorus Lv.100

    Lucario Lv.100


    Pokemon Y

    Delphfox Lv.97

    Venusaur Lv. 86

    Talonflame Lv. 84

    Simipour Lv. 87

    Tyrantrum Lv.86

    Lucario Lv. 82


  3. 13 hours ago, Lord Seraph said:

    I was third grade elementary when Pokemon Craze first reached my place.

    I remember during every recess and lunch break, kids would fill courtyards and playgrounds clutching Game Boys. It wasn't just the nerds either, even kids you did not expect to be into this stuff. Later there were Pokemon Cards being traded all over the place until the school administration decided to ban Pokemon Card from school properties due to a concern in safety after news of some people getting stabbed for their cards. Man, those Charzards certainly were sought after!

    I know my grade school at the time banned them too, I couldn't even read a damn Pokemon book without some safety patrol jerk telling me that's not allowed!

  4. 16 minutes ago, ABronyAccount said:

    Then why not buy their whole discography? That way you won't! 

    A song in my filk collection came up that made me think, 'had this been released 45 years ago, it'd probably be getting some decent rotation on classic rock stations today.'

    Oh I already have a few of their songs! XD