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  1. First, I question reality regarding space turbulence. Second, I give the human savages the gift of fire and lead a revolt against your newfound yellow, spongy oppressors. The tasty, tasty oppressors. Thirdly, Profit (or diabeetus, which ever comes first)!


    You're playing fetch with your labradoodle, Hank Whopplebee Fuddlebottom III, instead of a stick, he returns carrying mighty Mjolnir as he clearly worthy to wield it. Wat do?

  2. Well let's see, there's...

    • Halloween
    • Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Cabin in the Woods
    • Evil Dead and all sequels
    • Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space (The pinnacle of 'So bad, it's good')
    • Larry Blamire's Lost Skeleton of Cadravra (not at all a horror movie, but a loving satire of B-movies)
    • The Star Wars Holiday Special
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  3. I replied to the original 'Drop everything' thread, seems appropriate to follow up on that.


    Simply put:

    An open line of communication (be it some form of email, phone, radio, Morse, message in a bottle, inter-dimensional carrier pigeon, etc.) and one week to put together a battle royale gentlemanly discourse between friends over who uses what of my stuff (See: A car and a terrible D&D character) in my absence.

  4. It's the " no chance to let everyone know" part that's kinda the deal-breaker here. Chance of adventure and something drastically different? Sure.

    But, like, not even a note on the door saying "BRB. Gonna be a pony. K Bye."? Just too steep a deal for my liking. Too many thing left unsaid


    Plus the house insurance premiums in Ponyville. Makes my head spin just thinking about it.

  5. Where to start?

    The story begins way back in the bygone year of 2011-2012, I had known that the brony fandom was gaining surprising traction online, but I figured it was just another strange little corner of the internet and thought nothing off it. However, for me, it all started with an ever-persistent friend whom I'll call 'Alex' (on account of that being his name) during his first year in college. He wasn't a month into his classes before all he was talking about was the 'dorable lil' ponies'. Now, I've known Alex for a good long while (you make it through high school German class with together, it forms a bond stronger than concrete, but I digress) and he's always been a mystery wrapped in an enigma to say the least. But this? This was just one thing I couldn't understand. And I told him as such. Ponies, dear friend? Really? Reeaallly? But he just smiled, without a care in the world, and with gusto let out an astounding 'Eeyup'. In hindsight, I see what he did there. 


    I tried to once again put it out of my mind once again but he's a persistent one, my friend. The references just kept on coming. Then, one night, it reached a fever-pitch. What the reference was, I can't recall, but what I do remember is that it effectively broke me. I told he had one episode. One, single solitary episode to show me what was so grand about MLP. A smile that could light the dark side of the moon lit across his face. 'Really?' he asked. We headed back to his place and he promptly pulled out his laptop.


    He showed me Party of One.


    I hated to admit it, but it was pretty good. A week later, I found myself sitting in my dorm room looking at the YouTube search bar, 'MLP:FiM Ep.1' typed in, hesitant to hit enter, contemplating if this was a rabbit hole was I was willing to go down. Several hours and all season 1 and half of season 2 successfully binged, I walked over to the window, gave a longing stare at nothing in particular and uttered *Dammit, Alex*


    One thing led to another, and now here I am loving every second of this bizarre, strange, creative, wonderful fandom (and using entirely too many commas)

  6. Welp, I finally did it. Decided to stop lurking in the shadows of the internet and dun join the forum. Been watching relatively small pastel horses since somewhere in the tail end of season 2 after a friend convinced me with his stellar "C'mon" argument. 

    Anyhoo, I'm not great with introductory statements but regardless of my general social awkwardness I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone here!



    Your local flying aquatic mammal

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