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  1. Rainbow-Starlight

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    I'd say no, for various reasons. I'd miss what I have in this world, for one thing. There's also a question of what kind of doctors and medicine exist in Equestria, and if I'd still be schizophrenic as a pony (if becoming a pony cures that, that makes this option a lot more appealing... but I'd still say no). Also, I'd miss my friends and family. Plus they'd wonder how I suddenly seemed to disappear, meaning they'd have extreme anxiety over my sudden disappearance. Not to mention that Equestria is full of dangers that we don't have here. Like, you know, former princesses who try to bring about everlasting night, changeling invasions, various monsters, evil dragons, etc.
  2. Rainbow-Starlight

    Why did you come on EQD?

    I've loved the blog since I first became a brony sometime in late 2011, and it's one of my most regularly checked websites. As for the forums, I've been wanting EQD forums pretty much ever since I started visiting the site. I was so happy to see that they were made.
  3. Rainbow-Starlight

    Hello there! ^_^

    It sure is! It's owned by a different company now, one called JumpStart. They switched companies back in 2014, and also released a new Neopet called the Vandagyre. The site is still being updated almost daily (except on weekends and such, of course), with new items coming out, new user-submitted content (like The Neopian Times and various contests). There are still lots of users playing on the site, chatting on the boards, customizing Neopets, building galleries, etc. So no, it's not as dead as a lot of people might think it is. :3 I've even met fellow bronies on the site before.
  4. Rainbow-Starlight

    The Banned Game

    Banned for having a really weird looking Sunset Shimmer avatar.
  5. Rainbow-Starlight

    EQG Minis

    I have the Mane 6 in EQG Mini form. I opened Twilight Sparkle. Less than two minutes after taking her out of the package, her leg snapped off.
  6. Rainbow-Starlight

    The Brushable Thread!

    Brushables were sort of what got me into MLP to begin with. I ended up trying the show after a Rarity brushable in a store caught my eye. I bought it, took it home, and tried out the show. Some months later I was officially a brony. This was back in 2011 when most of the FiM toys in stores were brushables. They're less common now, and mainly variations of the Mane 6. I have a lot of brushables now. I've been collecting them for years. A lot of them aren't in too great of shape because I fiddle with them so much. Especially the white ones, they get dirt and marks and stuff on them so easily.
  7. Rainbow-Starlight

    Guardians of Harmony show.

    I would SO watch a GoH show. If it would be alongside FiM, even better. Especially if it were a fantasy type of show, sort of like Dungeons and Discords without it being a game.
  8. Rainbow-Starlight

    Hello there! ^_^

    Thanks for all the welcomes! This forum seems awesome so far. I'm already having fun here. ^^
  9. Rainbow-Starlight

    What do you want to see happen in the movie?

    I don't want the animation and character designs to be super different from the actual show. A really good story is also what I'm hoping for. Maybe something with a big, really well done conclusion, especially if the movie marks the end of the series. Yet still open enough to leave room for great fan content. Something important for every Mane 6 character, like something that takes them further and develops them more. More backstory would be great too, especially backstory for Celestia and Luna.
  10. Rainbow-Starlight

    Why did you join the fandom?

    It all started with a Rarity brushable. Well, sort of. A close friend of mine recommended the show to me back in 2011. I wasn't really interested since I was never into MLP, and for the most part I didn't care for horses. My friend told me that the show was created by Craig McCracken's wife. I had been a HUGE Powerpuff Girls fan as a kid, and some years later I had gotten back into it. I actually thought that G3 was the one she was talking about, and that she was the creator of MLP in general, or something. I didn't know much about it. I got a G3.5 coloring book because I thought it was cute. Unlike most bronies, I already had a huge interest in cute and "girly" things before I even knew that FiM existed. I had been a fan of Littlest Pet Shop years before the show, for example, plus I loved cute/anime type stuff like Hello Kitty and Hamtaro. So it wasn't an unusual occurrence that I found myself in the "pink isle" of stores like Wal-Mart. On one particular day I was there, looking at the toys, and I came across the MLP brushables. This was also in 2011, while the first season was still airing. I saw a Rarity brushable, and something about how it looked caught my eye. I'm a huge fan of a band called Evanescence, and there was something about that toy's appearence, colors and such that reminded me so much of that band and its singer. I ended up buying it. Later that day, in front of the computer, I opened up my very first MLP toy and in the package was a little fold out paper that had ads for other MLP toys and such on it. Rarity ended up appealing to me in other ways too; I loved fashion, I tend to be rather feminine/girly, I really like the color purple, etc. When I learned about other ponies I found others that appealed to me too, especially Pinkie Pie (I love pink) and Fluttershy (so adorable, plus I'm rather shy irl). In the little fold out ad paper there was a link to the official MLP site. So, I typed it in and visited it. On there was a link to a free iTunes download of the first episode. Friendship is Magic Part 1, but of course not part 2. I downloaded it and watched it up to the point where Nightmare Moon appeared. I liked it a lot, and later I went back and re-watched it, the whole ep that time. At that point, however, I was mainly interested in the toys. I didn't have The Hub channel yet, and while I still saw some eps on YouTube, I wasn't a huge fan or a brony yet. It wasn't until later on when I got that channel and started seeing more and more eps. Pretty soon I saw them all. I was hooked, and a big part of that was the brony community. I found myself going on EQD regularly, looking forward to new eps, listening to fan music, and generally falling in love with not only the show but the community as well. Then it happened. In a glorious moment, I realized that I was a brony. Years later, I'm still a brony, and have no plans of stopping.
  11. Rainbow-Starlight

    Hello there! ^_^

    I've been wanting EQG to get a forum for years, and how here it is! Hello. ^^ I'm Rainbow-Starlight (real name is Melanie), and I've been a brony since sometime in 2011. I love MLP:FiM, and my favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle. :3 My other favorites are Rainbow Dash, Derpy Hooves, and Princess Luna. In addition to watching the show, I collect toys and other merch, read the books, listen to the music, collect the cards, etc. I also love to write and draw, and that includes MLP fan stuff. My favorite color is pink, my favorite band is probably Evanescence/Flyleaf, my favorite games are Pokémon and Animal Crossing, I love reading books, I love playing Neopets (yes, before you ask, it's still a thing), and my username is neither a reference to Rainbow Dash or Starlight Glimmer. I had this username since before I watched MLP, both before I knew what Rainbow Dash was and also years before Starlight Glimmer even appeared in the show. That said, I like both of those ponies a lot, so I guess it's a happy coincidence? xD I hope I can make new friends here. I've been a fan of the EQD blog for years, and now I feel like I have a way to participate since I don't like posting in comment sections much. I'm more of a forum person, ever since I discovered the existence of forums when I was like ten.