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  1. jeray2000

    3 Questions For All Bronies Or Pegasisters

    Favourite Episode: Super Cider Squeezy 6000, I love the song in it and Flim and Flam as characters. Most Hated Episode: 28 Pranks Later, the plot was really obvious and cliche. 3. Favourite Character: Flim and Flam interchangeably.
  2. Add in Queen Elizabeth the Second, please.
  3. jeray2000

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    Charles VII the Victorious of France was known for ruling France during the end of the Hundred Years War, in which he took back many lands for France from England despite very difficult circumstances.
  4. jeray2000

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    I like the Iris Agora name.
  5. jeray2000

    Wat Do?!

    I pet the pony, I never liked my next of kin anyways. Strong-AI, artificial intelligence that can improve itself in a cycle that makes it exponentially smarter than humans in a short amount of time, has been invented and given that its morals were not properly programmed is about to cancel MLP: FiM and just show reruns of Gen 3 in its place. Wat do?
  6. jeray2000


    Granted, but your sudden wealth was taken as class betrayal by your peers who, already upset by the continuous oppression of the proletariat, lynched you then rose in rebellion to overthrow the bourgeoisie.
  7. jeray2000

    Who are the best ponies?

    I like Flim and Flam the best, but since they're not on the poll I put Dr. Whooves, Rainbow Dash, and Shining Armour.
  8. I'm not a big fan of Rarity but I don't think there's been too much of her.
  9. jeray2000


  10. jeray2000

    Favorite Season of MLP:FiM [Includes Poll]

    I like season six the best, a couple of the recent episodes like Dungeons and Discord and Stranger than Fanfiction have been great.
  11. jeray2000

    Should the series end here?

    I want to see new characters in Equestria in a different time period. I want new characters because seeing characters acting all weird when they're undeveloped and watching them slowly develop into better ponies is great. I want a different time period because I want references to Gen 4 but for it to still be a new world to learn about. The time period can be future or past, I don't care. Luna, Celestia and Discord could still be in it too as minor characters like how they are now, and maybe a cameo from a time traveling Twilight.
  12. jeray2000

    Fun with puns

    I like windmills a lot. You could say I'm a big fan. A duck walks into a bar, and orders his favorite food, cheese and quackers. He then tells the bartender to put it on his bill.
  13. jeray2000


    Hello everypony.