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  1. jeray2000

    3 Questions For All Bronies Or Pegasisters

    Favourite Episode: Super Cider Squeezy 6000, I love the song in it and Flim and Flam as characters. Most Hated Episode: 28 Pranks Later, the plot was really obvious and cliche. 3. Favourite Character: Flim and Flam interchangeably.
  2. Add in Queen Elizabeth the Second, please.
  3. jeray2000

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    Charles VII the Victorious of France was known for ruling France during the end of the Hundred Years War, in which he took back many lands for France from England despite very difficult circumstances.
  4. jeray2000

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    I like the Iris Agora name.
  5. jeray2000

    Wat Do?!

    I pet the pony, I never liked my next of kin anyways. Strong-AI, artificial intelligence that can improve itself in a cycle that makes it exponentially smarter than humans in a short amount of time, has been invented and given that its morals were not properly programmed is about to cancel MLP: FiM and just show reruns of Gen 3 in its place. Wat do?
  6. jeray2000


    Granted, but your sudden wealth was taken as class betrayal by your peers who, already upset by the continuous oppression of the proletariat, lynched you then rose in rebellion to overthrow the bourgeoisie.
  7. jeray2000

    Who are the best ponies?

    I like Flim and Flam the best, but since they're not on the poll I put Dr. Whooves, Rainbow Dash, and Shining Armour.
  8. I'm not a big fan of Rarity but I don't think there's been too much of her.
  9. jeray2000


  10. jeray2000

    Favorite Season of MLP:FiM [Includes Poll]

    I like season six the best, a couple of the recent episodes like Dungeons and Discord and Stranger than Fanfiction have been great.
  11. jeray2000

    Should the series end here?

    I want to see new characters in Equestria in a different time period. I want new characters because seeing characters acting all weird when they're undeveloped and watching them slowly develop into better ponies is great. I want a different time period because I want references to Gen 4 but for it to still be a new world to learn about. The time period can be future or past, I don't care. Luna, Celestia and Discord could still be in it too as minor characters like how they are now, and maybe a cameo from a time traveling Twilight.
  12. jeray2000

    Fun with puns

    I like windmills a lot. You could say I'm a big fan. A duck walks into a bar, and orders his favorite food, cheese and quackers. He then tells the bartender to put it on his bill.
  13. jeray2000

    Werewolf Interest Check

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and was wondering if people here would be interested in a game of werewolf/mafia. I will be the GM(Game Moderator). The rules that we'd ideally be playing with are as follows, but I'm open to suggestions. I more or less copy-pasted these from another forum I play on, so if there's any reason these wouldn't work here or if they're too complex for new comers, let me know. Basics There shall be up to 17 players. The game is divided into two periods - day and night. For practical reasons these two periods take place at the same time, from one update till the next. Each day, all players gather and decide to lynch one of the players - the person they think is most likely to be a werewolf. Each night, the werewolves decide who to kill. In each 24 hour period, the village will lynch, and the werewolves will hunt. The werewolves win if they manage to reach parity with the villagers. There will be one seer who may scan one player each night. He will receive a scan either as "villager" if he scans a villager or "werewolf" if he scans a werewolf. The villagers and seer win if they manage to kill all the werewolves. Everyone will get a role PM, the wolves will have a wolfpack PM, any other PMs regarding this game are forbidden. Roles: max of 17 players, which would have the following role distribution. If there are under 17 players who want to play I can adjust the ratios and do a few things. 13 x Villagers 3 x Werewolves 1 x Seer Details §1A. - You sign up to the game by requesting so in a post in this thread. Players can and will be disqualified from signing up at GM discretion. §1B. - No new players will be admitted after the game has started, except to substitute for another player. §1C. - You may at any time ask the GM by PM to be substituted out. §1D. - Failure to vote will lead to immediate substitution. §1E. - All players who want to resub into the game must request the GM by PM. §2A. – Players will vote daily. See Rule 1D. §2B. – Invalid votes (Voting for Game Moderator/Ghosts) will not be accepted and be considered to be in violation of Rule 2A. §2C. – In the event of a tie all tied players will be executed. §2D. - The player(s) with the plurality of votes at deadline are considered dead. They will not reveal any inside information after the deadline. The presumed dead player(s) should post in colored text until their true role is confirmed. §3A. - Orders and votes submitted after deadline are ignored. §3B. - Orders (scans, hunts, et cetera) are sent to the Game Moderator via PM. §4A. - Spectators and ghosts may comment, but never suggest a course of action, reveal any new information, including vote counts. Preferably spectators will comment only in a manner tangential to the actual game. §4B. - When doing ghost/spectator commentary, please use a non-white, non-GM color. §4C. - A subbed player is considered a ghost when the GM declares him to be subbed and must obey all relevant rules of that status. §4D. - A subbed player may pass on relevant information to his sub at the distraction and direction of the GM, and likewise a sub may request information from the previous player. Any unauthorized contact between the sub and subbed players may result in sanctions for one or both players. §5A. - Alliances and Feuds which aren't based on your characters or roles in the game between players are forbidden. Alliances and Feuds which continue from one game to another undermine the whole idea of the game. §5B. - Meta gaming is highly discouraged by this GM. It is ok to talk about a players usual behaviour but any other information and arguments based on things outside the thread, especially role PMs, are not ok. §6A. – The Game Moderator has the last word on all matters. §7B – If there are any issues with the game contact the GM by PM. Do NOT talk about issues in the thread. Do NOT talk about GM PMs in the thread. The GM will announce any information in the thread that he deems necessary for everyone to know. §8A. – Voting must be done in the following way. Write "VOTE" and the person you are voting for in bold text. §8B. - If you wish to un-vote someone, write "UNVOTE" and their name in bold text. §8C. - UNVOTEs are not necessary (GM will always count your latest vote) but are considered good manners. §8D. - Do not edit votes after posting them. If you make a mistake, like not bolding, revote in a new post. §8E. - Votes should be oversized or clear of other text to ensure they are not missed by the GM. §9. - The GM can and will remove players if the GM believes the player is not participating at their full capacity. This will be done through the use of killing the player's role, or using substitutes, if they are available. All such decisions are made solely at the discretion of the GM. §10A - Always trust the GM. §10B. - Trust no one. Especially not the GM. §11. – These rules are complete and will not be changed once the game has begun.
  14. jeray2000


    Hello everypony.