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  1. Pretty much exactly what it is on the tin. We all like horses making kissy faces... Well, I like horses making kissy faces, and plenty others do too. So, question is: what got you into shipping? What thing made you interested in the subject in general? What art or stories made you dig your favorite ship? For my part getting into shipping was a slow process. I kept seeing this fic and it's cover art and the image plus the fic itself made me more and more interested in this "shipping" thing. I then read this story on a lark and something about it just clicked for me. I had read another story that had shipping in it, but it was terrible. This though, something about it just worked for me. I then began reading up shipping fics left right and center and the rest, as they say, is history. There have also been a few fics that just made a ship pop for me and made me fall in love with it. You Can't Be Missed If You Never Left made Twidash into one of my favorite ships, and Rum Punch made me love Sweetie Belle/Diamond Tiara. So EQD Forums, what fics got you into shipping and your favorite ships?
  2. Nyronus

    Favorite one-shots/short fics

    I have a whole shelf dedicated to fics 5K words and under. I also have a few of my own that were *cough* well received. By some people. If, you know, you wanted to hear about them.
  3. Nyronus

    Music Swap Thread

    Suggestion: YourEnigma - "Echoes of Her" Likes: Something to get you pumped.
  4. Nyronus


    Old World of Darkness was correct choice. Unfortunately, the second query was a trick question: the correct answer was Burning Wheel.
  5. Nyronus

    Music Swap Thread

    Link is broken. Suggestion: Tarby - Rejected It was on Balloon Party. If it is not sufficiently pony there's always PrinceWhateverer - Frailty (Ft. Dreamchan). Likes: Oooh, that's a toughy... I like just about anything. Surprise me.
  6. Nyronus


    Questions huh? Okay, here's a griller for you: Old World of Darkness or New? And as a follow up: 3rd, 4th, 5th, or Pathfinder?
  7. Spike (along with Rainbow Dash) has always been a character that the writers felt it was cool to turn into a jerk whenever they wanted to teach a lesson, and the lessons were usually awful or nonsensical (having easily triggered hereditary uncontrollable kleptomania accompanied with hormonal aggression problems means... greed is bad?). That said, around Season 4 they started treating him better. Crystal Games was a great exploration of his character, and even thought Power Ponies was basically awful, it gave Spike his due. Princess Spike sucked, and was more of the same, but we haven't had a "spike is a jerk, let's punish him" episode in forever. Now if only we could say the same for Rainbow Dash...
  8. Die Ard - Ard is a man so incredibly obnoxious that everyone eventually tries to kill him.
  9. Nyronus

    what was your first MLP fanfic

    Fillystata. And it was awful. I ended up getting drawn in again though. People kept talking about a character named "Nyx," so I decided to look into it and suddenly it was three in the morning and I was skyping with a friend bawling like a baby about some fanfic and wonder what these emotion things were and why I suddenly had them. Once that happened, well...
  10. Nyronus

    FanFiction Epics

    I recommend Eternal, Off The Edge of the Map, Apotheosis, Past Sins, Without a Hive, Ageless, The Djinni's Tale, The Rise and Fall of the Dark Lord Sassaflash, Twilight Sparkle of the Royal Guard, Winds of Change, and a good friend's tripartite epic poem, The Queen and I. Enjoy.
  11. Nyronus


    I am Nyronus. I write horse words, lurk, and get into far too much trouble sometimes. Beyond that my hobbies include pen and paper roleplaying games, video games, and Linux. I've been a forumite since I was knee high, and now I'm mostly poking my head in to see this grand experiment play out. How's everypony else?