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    OC Master List

    Name: Sojourner Race: Unicorn Gender: Male Age: 23 Personality: Shy, reserved, Curious, Intelligent, Bookish, Stubborn, Blunt Guiding Element: KindnessFatal Flaw: Hesitance and IndecisionSojourner is generally very reserved and quiet, tending not to speak in most situations unless spoken too. He always does his best to be polite, everywhere from casual conversation to heated discussion, always looking to see from all points of view, rarely giving his own view on the subject unless coerced. Though sometimes he can be lazy, Once going he enjoys good, hard work. He enjoys some physical activity, such as running and some small sports, though he hates playing more competitive sports. He can't help but try to mediate dispute, not wanting to see other's fighting. Description (can be picture): Backstory:Born in Manehatten to a baker and an adventurer, He has his mother's curiosity and his father's shrewdness. Born to the Parentage of Tipsy Trick, an Earth Pony Baker, and Compass Rose, A foolhardy Pegasus adventurer. Has a few family members, older siblings, named Flash Freeze (female pegasus) and Snow Frost (also female pegasus).Ever since he was Young, Sojourner had admired his mother, always hoping he could one day join her on one of her adventures to a far off land. in the meantime, his father tried to teach him baking, despite the fact somehow he could never quite catch on (The day he made the stove explode was a particularly memorable day). One day, however, Compass Rose never returned, and no one knew where she was or, indeed, what might have happened to her.Sojourner and his family became depressed. Tipsy put extra work into his baking, while his siblings continued with their own works, snapping more and more at him constantly. He found himself spending more and more time in his mother's study, reading the many different journals of her adventures, wanting to read the ancient books on her shelves in languages he couldn't understand. Soon enough, He found his cutie mark as he studied and copied through her books, learning the languages and imagining new and wild stories his mother might be having, and became a scholar and writer. Soon after this, he moved away from Manehatten, from a mixture of a snappy family, and a desire to follow in his mother's footsteps- to explore new places. DirectionSojourner wishes to develop his own queries, questions and answers on life, develop his views on philosophy, and to hopefully one day write his own books. As it stands, he makes due as a researcher, scholar, and librarian. He loves to write, as well as explore and discover unknown places. His reading of Compass Rose' diaries leaves him hoping to create such wonderful stories himself. Though he is a little hesitant to truly go out on dangerous expeditions himself, he may have found another way to do so - through story. He hopes to overcome his fears and indecision and truly live as his mother had- on the edge, doing what she loved.
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    ABagOVicodin's Introduction

    Hi Vic. How are yea? :3
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    Heyo! Chaotic here!

    Hey, thanks. I'll lurk around and post things once in a blue moon.
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    Heyo! Chaotic here!

    Oh, it's not been bad so far. ^^ And I hope you enjoy. <3
  5. Hello to all the folks on the new forums here! I'm Chaotic, quick things include that I like watching the ponies, I like chatting about just about anything. I do enjoy role-playing, reading fan-fiction, Video games, what else... Oh! I also do fan-fiction narration and audio-books over on my YouTube: So nice to meet ye all, and hopefully this all moves to a greater future, aye?