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  1. Rules: Take a movie title, remove only one letter from the title, and then describe the new movie in one line. I found this forum game on the KSP forums. Examples: To Gun - Maverick has an existential crisis about his role as a navy pilot in this philosophical thrill ride (Based on Top Gun) American Psych - What if Patrick Bateman was no psycho killer, but the trailers allude that he'd be one anyway? (Based on American Psycho)
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    Rules: Write a set-up for the joke, and then deliver a punchline that is deliberately not funny. Examples: What's Red and bad for your teeth? A Brick. What's Blue and has legs? The Sky. I lied about the legs.
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    Fun with puns

    A pun war does not determine what puns are right, only what good puns are left.
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    Username/Nickname Origin

    My primary alias is Turdomino, but my EQD Forum name is Powder Hound, which is named after my OC, which I made back in 2013, who is named Powder Hound (Pictured Below)because of my IRL love for skiing. Especially on the beautiful mountains of British Columbia in Canada. Some of the mountains I've been to include Big White, Whistler Blackcomb, and my favourite in all of BC, Mount Washington (Pictured below), located in the Comox Valley on ever so scenic Vancouver Island. Truly the greatest gem on the southwest corner of Canada.
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    "Word" Association Game

    Obligatory Cameo
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    MLP Association Game

    Limestone B. Pie The B is for B!tch
  7. Dive: A Commercial Scuba Diver moonlights as a thief who swims around marinas at night and steals from yachts. Also has an epic Synthwave soundtrack (Drive) Arm of Darkness: Ash's severed arm comes back to get revenge after being swapped out for his Chainsaw .A.S.H.: What if M.A.S.H. was set during the 1984 Mt. St. Helens disaster, rather than in the midst of the Korean War (Yes, there was a M.A.S.H. movie, not just the TV series) Roocop: In a futuristic crime ridden Sydney Australia, A dead policeman is revived as part man, part machine, and part marsupial.
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    Answer my question with a question

    Do you even know basic grammar?
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    Yes or No

    Yes, unless the show jumps the shark and reverts to all the Gen 1-3 girly lovey dovey bullcrap Would a horse sized duck be better than 6 duck sized horses?
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    You Can only talk with pictures

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    If you threw it through the mirror...

    All the Confetti would disappear on it's way to the human world. If you threw a grenade through the mirror
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    "Word" Association Game

    Warhammer 40k
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    MLP Association Game

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    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    Wonderbolt Academy: Rainbow Dash's Dream is about to come true.
  15. An in-house account system so I don't have to log in with a social network account
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    MLP Association Game

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    If you threw it through the mirror...

    You'd have zen and complete Peace of Body and Mind and all that transcendence stuff. If you threw a Football (Not a soccer ball) through the mirror...
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    MLP Association Game

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    Answer my question with a question

    How do you know that's all Sidral knows about the French language?
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    Choose A or B

    Multi-Monitor, because I love to multitask Pootis or Gottam (Team Fortress 2 Memes)
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    "Word" Association Game

    Netflix Netflix killed the Rental Store just like how Video killed the Radio Star.
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    If you threw it through the mirror...

    You get Skyrazer in human form. Pretty self explanatory. If you threw Spitfire through the mirror....