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  1. Tav-1

    2016 Sucked

    Personally, this has been the best year of my life. My worst experience was when I lost my wallet, thankfully it was found from my friend's kitchen and it just gave me a scare.
  2. Tav-1

    hello there :)

    I have no idea what he might've meant by those letters, it doesn't sound familiar to me, unless he was asking are you MLP type which would go along with the other stuff he might've said. It might not sound very bright, but he was very drunk from what your story sounds like, so it was probably just what come to his mind when he thought you might like MLP. In any case, welcome to this forum and have a good time!
  3. Glimmer is a real cutie, nothing against her! Trixie I do not like that much, she's just not the type of character which I enjoy, though No Second Prances was really good and at the end I did enjoy having her in the episode.
  4. Tav-1

    Ponyclock and Simple-Ponyclock

    Sounds real nice, thanks for sharing!
  5. Tav-1

    Any episodes that seemed real bad to you?

    I generally don't dislike many episodes, as even the most earthbound, slow and even the earlier Spike episodes make me feel good inside, but for some reason I can't stand Magic Duel. I'm alright with Trixie but I just didn't like the episode. Another episode I didn't like too much was What About Discord, though it had some very good references like Bob Ross in it.
  6. Tav-1

    S6 - Episode 19 - Discussion

    I enjoyed the episode wholeheartedly! Songs are almost always a plus for me. Gabby reminded me of my love with her helpfulness and kindheartedness, which bumped her up in my charts a lot, and the overall feeling throughout the episode was warm. 9/10 would and will watch again.
  7. I would've earlier, but now I have too much to lose and miss so nope, not anymore.
  8. Tav-1

    Why did you join the fandom?

    21-year-old guy from Finland, I started liking ponies the first time I dared to watch an episode during 2012, and meetups and the friends I've made through the fandom are probably the main thing that got me to stick around. It was so much fun to spend countless nights watching pony content with those friends and after that getting to know them personally. I'm still very much friends with them and even found love from the fandom this year. I consider myself very lucky to be an active fan with brony friends to this date.
  9. Tav-1

    Lack on interest on the rest of season 6

    I agree, it was a fun-to-watch one!
  10. Tav-1

    The MLP Fandom

    There are always people who say the fandom is dying. Always. Even before I became a brony myself, during 2012, people I knew were saying the fandom is dying. I think it's a load of horseapples! And to answer your second question, I think that there have been too many new writers, and too many of the best writers from the past seasons are currently swept away from writing more quality episodes for the show. But personally, the main thing that probably affects the quality of all the seasons is that 22 minute/episode limit, outside of finales and season openers which are a different thing altogether anyway. Too many times, especially during the last two seasons, have I wished some of the episodes to be much longer. Some of the most promising episodes, plotwise, have had a feeling that they could've been so much more if they weren't forced to use one-minute solutions all the time. Even 30 minutes/episode would be a turn for the better, even if it meant the in-between season hiatus has to be much longer.
  11. Tav-1

    So where would I post "this"?

    I would like a discussion area about the fandom. I don't know where to have that kind of discussion right now. There're more than enough platforms for certain kind of fandom discussion, sure, but what about one that considered all of the fandom? What were the earliest years like, what kind of content was made back in the days compared to today et cetera Oh I know the new EQD archives are a great source for the files, for sure. But that only provides the content, not a platform for discussion and maybe via that discussion attracting some non-popular oldschool stuff. Just an idea!
  12. Tav-1


    Memes, my favorite!
  13. Tav-1

    Music Swap Thread

    This discussion is very derailed from the original post, so I might as well post "just about anything" for now. This one is a very neatly composed piece of an album in works. Sprocket is always a very good listen. Likes: Some light techno for me.
  14. Tav-1

    Soldat Memorial Thread

    I approve of this topic, le soldat pony had a very unique and smooth style.