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  1. Don't mind me, I'll just sit back and watch the carnage unfold.
  2. >anon pone

    TrekkieHooves has beamed down

    Welcome aboard, admiral.
  3. >anon pone

    >am new horse

    >I am loving it >is beautiful place >my new place of worship
  4. >anon pone

    >am new horse

    >holy jesus in a pancake >it is the one >the only >seth >have to make good impression >mane brushed for our lord >am ready >my king >I haven't a bit to spare >for the daily grind which is all to familiar to us all plagues me as well >if I would, I would donate millions to you >but even horses have economic troubles >I have horse car >and beautiful horse wife >horse home I must pay rent on >you are deserving of every spare dollar that strays its way into my hooves >but alas >another bill is in the mail >my $400 dollar oc plushie check bounced >and I have no money to spare to you >however >I feel the struggle >I know what true devotion to our interwebz overlords is >I must abide to these commandments strictly >for I have not a object of worth to donate to your worthy cause >but you have heard my call >and I answer with confidence: >"I'll clean the jet for $10."
  5. >anon pone


    >please stop >this game was dead before it hit the floor
  6. >anon pone

    Fallout: Equestria!

    >thank you >someone said it
  7. >anon pone

    Hello everyone!

    >we will not get along >why are you refusing our true leader >our true savior >one horse to rule them all >twilight sparkle
  8. >anon pone

    [Spoilers] MLP Movie.

    >breezies sucked >I came to see a movie about horses, I expect it to be about horses
  9. >anon pone

    Should the series end here?

    >are you trying to kill me >is this a joke >if you take my pone, I take your life >it's that simple
  10. >anon pone

    >am new horse

    >thank you for your kind word(s)
  11. >anon pone

    >am new horse

    >am new horse >lurked on this site for 5 minutes >want account need account >follows simple registration steps >takes short break to prey to our lord seth >deep breath >moment I click register I get bumped out to main page >a world of opportunity is opened up to me >this is beautiful >like heaven with pones >I could stay here for several years >questions? am nerd horse, does nerd horse related stuff