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  1. Hey there, card game fans! Seems like it'd be a good idea to have a thread here to discuss the official MLP Collectible Card Game, and to link to some resources for all players to check out. Feel free to use this thread to talk about MLP:CCG, or ask any questions you'd like about it! I'm responsible for the theming in the game, meaning stuff like the card subjects, images, names, flavor text, etc., and if I need to get lead game dev Adam in here to answer questions about his side of things then I'll be happy to. And here are some great resources, in no particular order: - If you've never played or are looking for an easy way to teach others, this is the Pony Primer - VERY helpful stuff! - A wiki updated by fans showing every card, including their different versions, links to important documents, rulings, and more - A sortable list of all the cards in MLP:CCG, with an awesome deckbuilding / decksharing tool - A sortable list of all the cards, with a very powerful advanced search - The official rules group for the game - no question is too hard or too "noobish" - The MLP:CCG subreddit, where the most in-depth discussion of the competitive scene often happens - A Facebook group that shares its focus between card trades and game discussion - The Facebook page for Enterplay, the company I'm part of, who creates the MLP:CCG - this is where we release news on new products - The official Twitter page for MLP:CCG, where you can find more news and LOTS of card spoilers when a new set is approaching