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  1. Derpy Man

    The Dazzlings / The Sirens Fan Club

    Sonata and Aria what I'm into most. Sonata sure be turn to good side and seem to be I get on with. And Aria like pig tails, it's appealing to me.
  2. Derpy Man

    Snowdrop fanclub

    Loved this Pony, first OC Pony I got into. Used to watch Snowdrop every Friday. There was Retrun of Snowdrop but it grown pony but not sure what happen to it, seem to taken ages to make animation or they moved on.
  3. Derpy Man

    Minuette/Colgate Fan Club

    Loved this pony ever since that episode where Twilight met her and try make friend back with Moondancer. She also a fun pony. feel like a pony I may get along with.
  4. Derpy Man

    Favorite Animal?

    Cats And Whales And Pegacorns/Unicorns
  5. Derpy Man

    How would you rate your 2018?

    5/10, had many downs but memoriable ups. Was nerves about 2019 cos not sure how things will goes.
  6. Does any one have a favorite landmark(s)? I have many landmarks I like, many in UK and few in other countries, tell few of my favorites are Big Ben and Stonehenge.
  7. Derpy Man

    Which character do you prefer in their human form?

    I like both when it comes to ponies I like most. But Like Applejack as Human
  8. As always England didn't win the World Cup but made it to Semi-Final. Feel really down when England didn't get to  the final that I started to hate the World Cup. Have to wait another 4 years and hate waiting, there European Championship but it be in 2020, and wouldn't be looking forward to new English Soocer/football season, much. World Cup really ruin me.

  9. Have mix feeling about the World Cup. Wanted England to win it but feel nerves for them. So many people have douts as always it make me sick. Just because we lost Iceland two years ago and always get knockout World Cup. It annoys me that people say teams like Begium, Poland or japan have more chance to win trophy than England Bull****. Why should I choose Germany, Brazil, Argentina or France? I  despise these teams. Other team I be look to is Japan maybe cos of Hatsune Miku, Babymetal & anime.

  10. World Cup has begun, I be rooting for England. Wanted them to win World Cup.

  11. Derpy Man

    How many plushies do you own?

    I have four, Derpy plush, Snowdrop plush, Twilight hanger plush and Pinkie hanger plush
  12. Derpy Man

    First My Little Pony Merch

    These mini pony figures
  13. I'm on my 2 weeks off, so far it okay, Even unable to go on day trip Tuesday, yesterday went to dentist but it was okay and today I seen Avengers Infinity War and didn't enjoyed it. But glad  it still my holiday.

  14. My first and all-time video game heroes Spyro & Sparx return in remastered but in September, was hoping it be on my 2 weeks off in end of this month. Seen trailer look great and look forward to buy and play it again. Hope he win in Death Battle (Youtube)
  15. Happy Easter, Every ponies. i had my Easter egg.

  16. Derpy Man

    Do you still like Celestia?

    Still do love her.
  17. Derpy Man

    Do you prefer the evil Sunset or the good Sunset?

    Defintley Good Sunset
  18. Derpy Man

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    Since Rainbow Rocks, I love her. In Equestria Girls first movie, have dislike her but started liking her after the first movie.
  19. I enjoyed it, it good to see Sunset Shimmer back in Equestria. I expect her to Starlight.
  20. Happy Derpy Day, sorry I said it yesterday. There been alot in my mind.

  21. It been snowing in UK, and I don't like it. More tomorrow and still it two days to weekend. Also bothered about Ice.

  22. Happy Derpy Day. Had muffin today.

  23. Tomorrow, will be Derpy Day

  24. Derpy Man

    Books! Books! And More Books!

    Do read some books and enjoyed them. There book I need to finished there one about Hatsune Miku and other one is Comedian's bio
  25. Derpy Man

    What did you REALLY think of MLP Movie?

    I really enjoyed it.