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  1. Life is hard but I give up even sometime felt like it. Think of myself more and don't of others too much. Have interests/likes that help me and make happy abit. People have different life and goal.

  2. I'm having my week off, first of this year. Really need it. Christmas & New year not enough (We had Christmas day & Boxing day after weekend, then return to work on Wednesday (27 Dec) then until another long weekend but back to work on Tuesday (2nd Jan).

  3. Derpy Man

    Extreme fan reactions to SWTLJ

    I enjoyed the movie, I feel hate on the movie are too much. Don't mind them hating but asking to be ersaed from series is crazy. Thought The Force Awaken is doing well. I like BB8 so much I got all stuff BB8 and also like Porgs, some people hate them. Whatever you made another Star Wars movie, fans either like it or hate it, it sometime hard to please people.
  4. It's 2018, Happy New year.

  5. End of this year not long now (well in UK), wouldn't say i be looking forward to 2018 but going to think postive. Not sure what be in store new year but I think postive, learn from mistake and get my life good.

  6. Always I say this year been up and down. Not sure what to say about this year other than it's up & down. If it's has more ups it be a good year. I do had some bad moments, which depress me and want to get about, mistake i did which got me in trouble and hope learn from it and wouldn't happen again. Of course there been good things holiday, days outs, my team (Manchester United) won two trophies. Also there highlight having new sofa & char, new dentist, new neighbour and new doctor (Not the show). Also discovering Wendys, Porgs and Kurumi Ebisuzawa (School-Live) & celebriting Hatsune Miku's 10th Aniversary. Also seeing movies like Justice League, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Lego Batman & My Little Pony: The Movie. It been an interesting year even I say it up & down it been interesting.

  7. Just watched Doctor Who and got excting when regeneration start. Will Miss Peter, there few bad moment of him & some episodes but nothing perfect. Looking forward to new series hope it won't be long, or year absent.

  8. It's christmas, Hope anyone have a great Christmas.

  9. I don't need presents cos if I want something I get. Hope someone will feel same cos yeah given can be great but do you need give forever. If something give me something that be great. Prsents to me, be worst things about Christmas (That's me)

  10. It's Christmas Eve, Tomorrow be Christmas Day

  11. Kind of dislike X-Men and Fantastic 4 but be excting how Disney/Marvel remake them, bet muntant will show up in Agent of Sheild or Inhuman. But I love X-23 and Psylocke. Didn't see latest Fantastic 4 movie, and wouldn't go and see it cos not into them and it not great. But maybe see which are done by Disney/Marvel.

  12. Watched Star Wars today, and really enjoy it. Had popcorn and nacho. After movie, there stormtroopers about. It good to see BB8 and knew I going to like Porg.

  13. Derpy Man

    How would you rate your 2017?

    Like every year there good and bad (& more bad), Good, had one week off, two weeks off & another week off, been to many places, Manchester United win first UEFA Cup (& another trophy), and seen some good movies, As for bad, had money taken out of my bank that had to renew my card, heard my parents agrue (they aruge at few days but still bad to hear), football, craziness of anti-brexit and anti-Trump, Going on with EU/Brexit, and Leeds will be unable to named 2023 European capital of Culture (Cos of b***** EU). Of course there other I can't mention for some personal reason.
  14. Disney bought 20th Century Fox, what kind of Wolverine, X-Men and Fantastic Four Disney will make. Hope they don't change Deadpool or put him aside and hope they don't stop X-23 spin-off.

  15. Looking forward to Seeing Star Wars and BB8

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      nice I hope I can go see it

  16. I had a nightmare that I was late for work totally at 10am, I meant to start work at 7.30am and they rang me. Find out it was Sunday relief, stay in bed til 2pm.

  17. Be seeing Star Wars before Christmas. Looking forward to BB8 and Rey but having bad thing about this something really bad in the movie, maybe.

  18. It's December, Christmas month. 22 days to go.

  19. It's Doctor Who Day, remember 2013, as it was 50 Aniversary of Doctor Who & also MLP Season 4 start, good day

  20. Feeling bothered about my new neighbour specialy they have 6 kids.

  21. Watched Justice League and enjoyed and like it.

  22. Going to see Justice League Movie tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

  23. Seen the MLP the Movie, it's awesome. There was Hanazuki short flim first before th movie which was annoying.


    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      I may get it on dvd (im short on cash right now)

  24. Going to see MLP the Movie today.