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  1. I be 33 tomorrow. Nerves.

  2. Got week off this week, last remaining holiday I get this year. But got dentist appointment  on Tuesday and haven't been for long time and my teeth is bad. Nerves and scared of what will happen and what will dentist. Thinking of what to say when ask question.

  3. Derpy Man

    Do You Still Live With Your Parents?

    I still do, I'm 32 going on to 33. Do bother me but won't get to me. I will have a place of myself, it just complicated.
  4. Derpy Man

    What sports teams do y'all like?

    Manchester United And England in Soccer (Most world called it football), Cricket & Rugby.
  5. It's Miku Hatsune's 10th Anniversary, today.

  6. Derpy Man

    Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    Great Loved since fifth season, mid-season when i getting into her.
  7. Finished watching School Live/Gakkou Gurashi, sad about the dog but enjoyed it even one thing depress me, started reading some manga of it. Loved Kurumi Ebisuzawa.

  8. Derpy Man

    Where do you post the most?

    Pony Free Post
  9. Derpy Man

    What other websites are you a member of?

    Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, facebook, MLP forum, and
  10. Derpy Man

    Who's your favorite villain and why?

    I meant to say Tirek, do you forgot about him. What do you think I say? It just some spelling mistake, sure people who understand what I meant.
  11. Derpy Man

    Princess Celestia

    Loved her.
  12. Derpy Man

    Who's your favorite fan made character?

    Snowdrop, as always. Never tend to get into fan made pony. But can't help get into this pony and now lover her as i love other show ponies I like. Also Littlepip (After enjoying reading Fallout Equestria) and Blackjack (Didn't read much Project Horizons, but find character interesting also find a chance with her if I met her cos she love both sexes).
  13. Derpy Man

    Characters you don't like.

    Diamond Tiara's mom and Fleur De Lis
  14. Derpy Man

    Who's your favorite villain and why?

    Thirk, He's such a awesome villian. Hope to see him again.
  15. Derpy Man

    Least favorite character.

    Diamond Tiara's mom, she such a stuck up *****. Used to be Diamond Tiara but she reform. Also Fleur De Lis, she seem to only hang out with rich pony to look good.
  16. Derpy Man

    Anime? Anyone?

    Enjoyed and like some anime, Gurren Laggan is my favorite, also enjoyed Hetaila, One Punch Man, Steins gate, Persona 4 & Devil Part-Timer. Akame & Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill), Karen Araragi, Suzuha Amane, Ouka Yuuouji, Miu Fuurinji and Karuta Roromiya are my favorite female anime characters, also they are some of my waifus. Other anime character that my favorite are Saitama, Chi Yamada and Menchi Don't watch much lately.
  17. Derpy Man

    Your very first fictional crush~!

    I believe it be Rikku from Final Fantasy X, can't think of before her.
  18. Derpy, pony I think of before I become a brony. There something special about her, to me.
  19. Derpy Man

    Derpy Hooves Fan Club

    She first pony I notice before I become brony cos with all these going on with this pony, get to know this pony. She become one of favorite ponies. Since becoming a brony, never stop thinking about ponies and she one of them.
  20. Derpy Man

    Any fan of Starlight out there?

    I am, love her.
  21. Derpy Man

    Favorite National Anthems?

    Land of Hope and Glory, English National Anthem
  22. Derpy Man

    What is your favorite fan made stuff?

    Doctor Whooves and Assistant and Doctor Whooves Adventure and Sherlock Whooves Snowdrop (OC Pony) Fallout: Equestria and Littlepip & Blackjack Historical Equestria ( Injustrial (
  23. This week and next week will be short and weekend will be long.

  24. Get annoyed when trying put images in forum Signture, I adjust it small but still say it large. Taking the ****