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  1. Finally having my week off, Monday to Friday i be going places.

  2. This coming week meant to be my week off but I changed my week to another week cos in UK there half term holidays for School kids & college students (Google it). Now got five days till my week off, hope it worth it. Also there things i'm not looking forward to it this coming week.

  3. Booked all my holidays, one week off next month, two weeks off in May and one week in October. Got one day left, cos Bank Holiday in May.

  4. Spyro the dragon, Superheroes, and Doctor Who and still am.
  5. Derpy Man

    Starlight Glimmer fan club :3

    Loved to see more of her. She did great and even show leadership in season 6 finale.
  6. Derpy Man

    Which type of pony would you be?

    Unicorn that also has a strengh of Earth Pony.
  7. Derpy Man

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Loved Pinkie, one of my favorite ponies/EG Characters. She like to make people happy and feel better.
  8. Derpy Man

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Loved Sunset Shimmer. One of my waifus.
  9. Derpy Man

    Positivity in 2017~

    Looking forward to next season of MLP, MLP movie, next trips/days out and holiday, some up coming movies.
  10. Derpy Man

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    I'm Heterosexual, attracted to women specially fictional ones.
  11. Derpy Man

    2016 Sucked

    Sure some people will say 2016 bad for them cos they had it worse for them, then other people will say it not bad. Sure it not year fault, it's life. But people will say this year or that year are bad for them cos that or this year had more bad moments for them than good. i say these cos people get critics for saying a year being bad for them it cos it bad for them not other. me, I had some good moments but had abit more bad moments. Lost one of our cats, so made 2016 not good for me.
  12. Derpy Man

    2016 Sucked

    To me every year, get good and bad points. There be year when you say it's worst. There other year I feel that alot of bad stuffs happen. So my worst experiences this year: - England knock-out of Euro 2016 and beaten by Iceland, it hard for me to take. - Manchester United may of won FA Cup, they got knockout of UEFA Champions League and will never come back again. They got new manager, things got well first then lost to rival Man City and things went down. Not sure when Manchester United will come back to it's glory days. - I voted to leave EU but there craziness from EU remainers they are crazy and can't accpeted it that UK voted to leave and start protesting and moaning. Even people in other country start crying about it. Then Brexit got taken to High Court and Parliement will voted, which wouldn't be good cos they untrust worthy. - I know not alot of people won't accpet Trump but these protesters and attack on Trump supporters are crazy and out of order. - FIFA banned on England for wearing Poppy (Flower) for Remembrance day. - Some money problem - Unable to see Bodiam Castle and Chesterton Windmill - Train problem, there 12 carriages (like two trains together), ticket woman say I should be in first 6 carriages, also there were alot of school kids. When train stop at a station i and few others try to catch other carriiages but set off. We wait for another on train, was angry that train staffs don't do much about it that few passageners try to get on the other carriages. -Bus services- taking their times, canceling and being unhelpful and being rude.
  13. Derpy Man

    Who are the best ponies?

    1. Derpy 2. Sunset Shimmer 3. Starlight Glimmer
  14. Derpy Man

    Favourite TV shows/movies

    Tv: Doctor Who MLP:FIM Horrible Histories some comedies Movies: Some Superhero movies
  15. Derpy Man

    Kind of having an issue with Waifu's

    It's okay, it's your life. I have many waifus, and I'm 31 and working, and single since I was born.
  16. Derpy Man

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Do watch alot of Star Trek, Tv and movies. But I prefer Star Wars, new one got me into more and like BB8.
  17. Derpy Man


    Derpy is one the reason I become a brony, and one of the first pony I know and think about before I become a brony.
  18. Derpy Man

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I'm 31 British guy, lived and rised in Leeds, England. It about December 2012, I become a brony, before my brother show me some episodes and fan-made stuffs. I notices this pony called Derpy there were stuff going on about her. Then think of her and some other ponies. Also search Bronies on youtube and suddenly in December i become one. Since then, I be looking up to brony stuffs on youtube and collecting pony pictures and images into my Psp, Tablet and laptop. And bought Mlp stuffs and wearing MLP t-shirts.
  19. I joined today, I go to Equestria Daily everyday, so why not join this forum. I do have MLP Forum account. Sure this forum do well as the site did well. Been a brony since 2012 and use Equestria Daily to keep up on things. I have some Ponies (& Equestria Girls characters) i'm into but Derpy and Sunset Shimmer I love the most. I'm have weird obessed with some fictional female charcters, specially Hatsune Miku, Akame, Chelsea and Oerba Dia Vanille. I'm into Superheroes, British landmarks and Doctor Who. tell me if you want to know more. Little nerves of what people think of me.