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  1. I enjoyed the movie, I feel hate on the movie are too much. Don't mind them hating but asking to be ersaed from series is crazy. Thought The Force Awaken is doing well. I like BB8 so much I got all stuff BB8 and also like Porgs, some people hate them.

    Whatever you made another Star Wars movie, fans either like it or hate it, it sometime hard to please people.

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  2. Like every year there good and bad (& more bad), Good, had one week off, two weeks off & another week off, been to many places, Manchester United win first UEFA Cup (& another trophy), and seen some  good movies, As for bad, had money taken out of my bank that had to renew my card, heard my parents agrue (they aruge at few days but still bad to hear), football, craziness of anti-brexit and anti-Trump, Going on with EU/Brexit, and Leeds will be unable to named 2023 European capital of Culture (Cos of b***** EU). Of course there other I can't mention for some personal reason.