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    Name: Dawn's Glint Race: Unicorn Gender: Male Age: late 20's Personality: Introverted, but not shy. Academic, but not book-obsessed. Artistically inclined, but not competent. Adventurous, but averse to actual danger. Description (can be picture): A sky blue unicorn with a cutie mark of a rising sun. Backstory: The Dawn family has lived in Canterlot since its foundation, and has produced many a sun-raiser in the days before Princess Celestia took over those duties. Members of the family are expected to go into politics, magical studies, or fine/performing arts. Glint is a bit of a "dark horse" in this respect. Although his cutie mark talent (producing lots and lots of light from his horn) is in keeping with his family background, he couldn't follow in the family traditions. He lacked the personality for politics. He lacked the control and versatility for magical studies. And in the performing arts he lacked the aesthetic sense to make any light display more fancy than a simple spotlight. He went to Canterlot University, and quickly changed his major from Performing Arts (magical) to Mathematics (concentration in the magical sciences). He currently teaches mathematics at Ponyville Community College. He plans to go for his doctoral degree sometime soon. He periodically visits his snooty rich family in Canterlot, but can't stand to spend too much time basking in their disappointment.