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  1. Nude Swim

    Recently I went to a nude swim for the first time and wondering if any one else has gone to an organized nude swim at a indoor swimming pool .
  2. I change the question I just thought that it was Redundant since it was also the title of the poll
  3. Would you hide the meat in your fridge before you let them in
  4. what is this building

    Lets play 20 questions I will answer any yes or no question about the building if I know the answer
  5. what is this building

    Here is the front of the building https://www.flickr.com/photos/131412836@N08/shares/y496j8
  6. I wanted to see your name before now I really want to see it .
  7. what is this building

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/131412836@N08/shares/0H8AY5 what do you think this building was used for
  8. Picture

    A photo from my computer
  9. Picture

    It is a photo
  10. Picture

    how do I insert a picture I tried to paste in to the thread but nothing shows up
  11. If you are 55 or older and live in alberta and are in crafts I would like to suggest that enter a pony craft into the alberta 55 games http://alberta55plus.ca/arts-crafts-rules/ Here are the zones http://alberta55plus.ca/zones/
  12. items in the car

    I did go back to the store and they remembered the lady that bought the stuff .They didn't remember the name of her but they remember what she looked like .
  13. items in the car

    there was a receipt in the bag .You something called a fob instead of a key
  14. items in the car

    You go into a craft shop and not buy anything . Get into your car and go to your next location look into the back seat and see that their was a bag from the craft store in the back seat of your car . We were sure that you had locked the car before you had gone into the craft store and the car uses a keyless lock system . After looking in the bag we you see that they had spent $160 on crafts . How would you react .
  15. now I really want to see the smurfs movie