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  1. the best french fries are not from any particular restaurant but the ones you find in the bottom of the to-go bag an you think there are no more left
  2. ranul

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    it is my oc
  3. ranul

    Why did you choose me

    At the end of the Peanuts movie, Charlie Brown asked the Red-Haired girl why did she pick me How would you answer if your best friend asked why did pick him or her
  4. what do you think are the best Fast-food French Fries
  5. ranul

    Is MLP the best cartoon ever?

    It is too early to decide that let us wait five years before we decide if t stands the test of time
  6. ranul

    What Mlp has meant to me

    great music and making friends
  7. If you went back in time 10 years ago and told your past self that is a fan of my little pony how do you think your past self would react
  8. Are you coming to Vanhouver  pony expo in January 

  9. ranul

    What are you listening to?

    Old School Wrestling Podcast
  10. ranul

    clothing optional beach

    Are Ponies Nudists
  11. ranul

    Clothing optional

    How would you react if your country announces that all beaches, swimming pools, parks and camp grounds are clothing optional
  12. Would you rather take the lump sum or the monthly checks