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  1. Mayor_marE's_haiR_cOlour

    Season 6 - Ranked

    1] To Where And Back Again 2] The Saddle Row Review 3] The Gift of the Maud Pie 4] Flutter Brutter 5] Gauntlet of Fire 6] A Hearth’s Warming Tail 7] Stranger Than Fanfiction 8] Viva Las Pegasus 9] Buckball Season 10] Spice Up Your Life 11] Newbie Dash 12] PPOV 13] Where The Apple Lies 14] Top Bolt 15] The Times They Are A Changeling 16] The Cart Before The Ponies 17] Applejack’s Day Off 18] On Your Marks 19] The Fault In Our Cutie Marks 20] Every Little Thing She Does 21] Dungeons and Discords 22] 28 Pranks Later 23] The Crystalling 24] No Second Prances Why is the space between lines so enormous?
  2. Mayor_marE's_haiR_cOlour

    Username/Nickname Origin

    I made it up just before I joined. All my usernames on different Pony sites use the same gimmick.
  3. Mayor_marE's_haiR_cOlour

    Any episodes that seemed real bad to you?

    What About Discord is really really bad. S5 had a few stinkers in fact (despite being great overall): Appleoosa's Most Wanted, Princess Spike, Made In Manehatten, WAD.
  4. Mayor_marE's_haiR_cOlour

    Ranking the Mane Six by Wealth

    I don't think Pinkie rents her room at Sugarcube Corner, I think it's a perk of her job, possibly in lieu of some wages.
  5. Mayor_marE's_haiR_cOlour

    What if a cast member passed away?

    If one of the Mane 6 VA's passed away then I'd say end the show, rather than recast them. It wouldn't be the same.