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  1. HailKingSombra

    Another aging Brony here

    Try having been around in the time of the 60s-70s...Beatles, President Nixon, Cold War, the space race and worse - rotary phones tethered to the wall by WIRES, black and white t.v., NO VIDEO GAMES. *shudder!* Helps when there's a power outage, though. We know how to entertain ourselves without electronics.
  2. That too! And Fluttershy and Discord and Discord and Celestia and Celestia and Sombra...and well, you get the idea...
  3. What everypony else said. Yeah, _Slashy_, if you're hoping for more, you might be disappointed. It's pretty clearly a very close/little brother-little sister-type relationship...more than just an employer and definitely not something romantic. Not everything has to be spelled out - that's what fanfiction is for ;>
  4. Heya, thanks for the follow. Back atcha! We Sombra fans gotta stick together.

    1. Askre


      Sombra fans unite. We must retake the Crystal Empire for our Dark Lord's glory!

    2. King Sombra Returns

      King Sombra Returns

      Yes....We will rise our King from the ashes of death and Help him rise and take over Equestria! MWhahaha!!!!


      Too much:ajlie:

  5. HailKingSombra

    Any writers wanna collab on a comic?

    I've been to your DeviantArt page...you draw just fine! I'm a writer of King Sombra stories looking for an artist, so I hope you find someone to collaborate with too. The right person will be an amazing team for both of us!
  6. HailKingSombra

    Favorite one-shots/short fics

    Any preferences as to which characters are featured in our suggestions? Do you have any favorites?
  7. I just found the forums today. Boy am I late to the party, lol!

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    2. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      It was indeed a gaming forum, it's now merged and part of it in it's own section

    3. HailKingSombra


      Maybe that's what EQD's Friday article meant, 'cause it said, "After Years of Requests, Equestria Daily Now has Forums!". Kinda confusing, makes it sound like it was something new.

    4. King Sombra Returns

      King Sombra Returns

      I didn't know about it until, well Today.:sunset:

  8. HailKingSombra

    what was your first MLP fanfic

    I think it's the first one I favorited, which was "A Shadow in the Night" by Topside. It's a Sombra clopfic, so beware if you go to read it and don't read clop. The writer updates intermittantly, but I still check it even after almost a year of stalking it for new chapters. It's so worth it!