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  1. Ink Tracks

    EQD Artist Training Grounds 2017

    Well, I met my personal goal of posting something for each makeup day. Here are the last two, seeing as I've only posted the first here. DeviantArt Upload - Star Sweeper DeviantArt Upload - First Day Anxiety
  2. Ink Tracks

    EQD Artist Training Grounds 2017

    DeviantArt Upload! Some 'makeup day' fodder for the 'Draw a pony in mortal peril / Draw a pony steeling themselves' prompt. We'll se if I end up doing anymore, with how work's been lately. Bleh.
  3. Ink Tracks

    Morning Stretch! Free Art.

    Thank you! Do you by chance have a DeviantArt or any other art site I can use to credit you when including that image in character profiles and such?
  4. Ink Tracks

    Morning Stretch! Free Art.

    Well, my art was terrible at the time, but it's still a technically accurate reference. Character is a doctor, so day to day stress level is high and you're welcome to doodle medical attire on her if you're so inclined.
  5. Ink Tracks

    SkyeVictini hath arrived!!!

    Hey there, SkyeVictini. Good to see more ponies + pokemon types around.
  6. Ink Tracks

    Well, I did it.

    Welcome to the forum, Silvestte. To be honest, I've not yet bothered to learn most of the forum tree. I've just been navigating through the Unread Content page.
  7. Ink Tracks

    S6 - Episode 18 - Discussion

    Certainly. It just seems to be a flavor of mistake she makes frequently with Fluttershy, regardless of their history. xD
  8. Ink Tracks

    Pokemon Thread

    What are you expecting to be irritating about it, out of curiosity? Personally, I was planning to get both games anyway so more version differences are a plus to me as it won't feel as repetitive.
  9. Ink Tracks

    S6 - Episode 18 - Discussion

    I don't think 'Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are inherently better at this than Rainbow Dash and Applejack' was necessarily the point, so it's not an idea we need to buy into. It was supposed to be a new sport and they were just pulling a team together, so I think it's safe to assume that Rainbow Dash and Applejack hadn't had the opportunity to practice extensively under real team/match circumstances. They're also motivated by other ponies depending on them, so it's highly possible that early team-building/practice time is lower stakes, lower motivation to them than later practices or the game proper. Whereas the opposite was true for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, who may not have pre-existing athleticism on their side, but have natural talent and perform more easily with no/lower stakes. Going with the natural talent players when there's little to no time for practice makes sense, but doesn't necessarily mean that Dash and AJ couldn't have managed just as well under other circumstances. I'm glad to see that Dash has grown past the point of being a 100% unadulterated glory hound enough so to give Fluttershy the opportunity to play here, though I must admit it strikes me as sad that she didn't flat out expect the pressure of everypony depending on her to be a bit much for Fluttershy. You've known each other from childhood and you haven't figured out she cowers under perceived pressure?
  10. Ink Tracks

    How often do you watch the show live?

    I used to watch it on television and after changing our cable plan I'd been using streams to watch it live, but the past few weeks I've wanted to just sleep in and haven't been bothering. I'll watch it whenever I feel like getting up instead.
  11. Ink Tracks

    Brony Muscians you don't listen to anymore?

    Honestly, I just quit actively paying attention to pony-related music in general. This had more to do with me being too lazy to bother keeping up with anymore, though, and less to do with anything else.
  12. Ink Tracks

    New and maybe a bit overwhelmed? Haha.

    Throw my hands in the air and say "screw this, I'm playing AQ3D instead"? LOL. Ah. I have one source I go to for finding SU episodes online, so I don't perceive it as taking any real effort. It just comes down to having time to fit it into my day and there's a new one every day and I'm working that can get a little tricky. As for being sick, I'll probably be okay soon. I didn't exactly have a voice this morning, but now it's back to just coughing and clogged sinuses.
  13. Ink Tracks

    Show me your OC! The only one I have a proper image together for at the moment is the same one I'm using as my forum identity.
  14. Ink Tracks

    Share Your Screenshots

    Skype has this... very inaccurate horrible transcription thing that only activates when one of the people on the call has auto-translation enabled. A friend and I had fun taking screenshots of all the things it thought we were saying one day. I have no idea what we actually said here at this point, but I have a bunch of these. Hehe.
  15. Ink Tracks

    New and maybe a bit overwhelmed? Haha.

    Sorry about the lack of response. I'm not doing particularly well on the sickness front. Thank you all for the welcomes. I suppose stopping the trolley and untying them all isn't an option? In which case, I have little choice but to kill the one person to save four. Ah well. I take it you found the episodes every night thing to be a bit much? It certainly wasn't ideal for me on days I wasn't getting off work until seven.