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  1. silverthorn

    Favorite MLP References?

    Strictly speaking it isn't from the TV show but the Quantum Leap reference in the comics was pretty awesome.
  2. He's probably pony Stan Lee.
  3. silverthorn

    Favorite MLP References?

    Either the Game of Thrones reference or Discord (just Discord, I kind of went from 'why am I watching this?" to "Hang on, is that John De Lancie? Congratulations Pony, you've got me interested now").
  4. silverthorn

    Celebrity guest stars.

    Those two would probably be unlikely. Although they did get William flaming Shatner so nothing would surprise me now.
  5. For some stupid reason they showed Movie Magic after Mirror Magic (way to spoil the second special). Mirror Magic was much better than I expected (although UK TV spoiling Sunset going pony again in the 'Next on POP!' sequence during the end credits of Dance Magic was another example of the reasons why the POP channel should leave all things Pony to the channel which shows the FIM series). The one major downside is that Juniper was a pretty awful villain (although the Sunset/Starlight team up was pretty awesome).
  6. This is probably a stupid question but is there a special between Dance Magic and Mirror Magic (in which case Uk TV really messed up the scheduling and skipped it) since I haven't seen Juniper before.
  7. silverthorn

    Any episodes that seemed real bad to you?

    Games Ponies Play: For the sheer stupidity of the mane 6.
  8. silverthorn

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    'Darn tooting.
  9. silverthorn


    I'm David. I'm from the UK and I've been a brony since about 10 minutes into the first episode I saw (Return of Harmony Part 1, about the point when I worked out who Discord was voiced by). This board should be interesting.