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  1. I would write an Angel Bunny episode, because I think there's more to him than the despicable bully we often saw. In this episode, Angel learns that a big threat is coming to Ponyville, whatever it is. Unfortunately, the Mane 6, including Fluttershy, are out of town, so Angel must find somepony to warn so that they spread the word, as he can't really speak. But everypony knows that Angel's a jerk, so nopony pays attention. So Angel could maybe try to reach Celestia, she sure would listen, and it would be a way to show how kind and caring the princess is, to all of her subjects, OR he could warn Starlight, since we saw in No Second Prances that he clearly liked her, and I think they would form a nice duo. So yeah, an Angel / Celestia or an Angel / Starlight episode.
  2. Poulped

    Why saddles?

    There might have been another race before. It makes me think about this scene in A Dog And Pony Show where Spike rides Twilight as a knight coming to rescue Rarity. If Spikes acts that way it must mean that he maybe saw pictures, read or heard stories about ancient knights who used to ride ponies. I don't know '-'
  3. Poulped

    Hey hey hay

    Hi ~ I have been a fan of the show for four years now, but I never really tried to be a part of the community. I have written a few times in the comments section before, but I've never been very active on there, even if I do check EQD multiple times a day. I don't know if I'll be more active on here, but I hope so ~ Some of the things I like the most about the show are the songs and the design, which got me into drawing a little bit more frequently. Some of the things I like the most about life in general are touching smooth surfaces with my upper lip, singing, and watching the progressive disappearance of someone's smile after they laugh. I also like the words "tangerine" and "douroucouli". So yeah, those are things about me.