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  1. Kyle_67

    what was your first MLP fanfic

    My first was On a Cross and Arrow. One of the better fan fictions I have ever read. My favorite of all time is still Five Score Divided by Four. The mature version.
  2. Kyle_67

    Tips for writing fanfic?

    The one tip that no one ever tells aspiring writers is to just write as much as you can. Literally, just write and write and write while you pick up skills along the way. Think about an aspiring singer; someone can be told all the tips and rules of singing, but studying techniques doesn't compare to just experimenting with your voice and seeing what works. I saw an awesome idea on where someone just wrote 400-500 words a day about any pony plot that came to mind, and guess what? His chapters got better and better as he did it every day. You don't need to publish the practice you do, but just write. Other than that, here are three things I picked up as a writer that helped me bounds: 1.) Consult a thesaurus to vary word choice. 2.) Learn rules of the two tenses (past and present) and the three perspectives (first, second, and third person), even if you never will write in one of them. 3.) Teach your self how to write dialogue properly. It also doesn't hurt to write some non-fiction for practice, proofread and spellcheck everything, and realize that a first draft is often crap. Best luck, man.
  3. Kyle_67

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    Amie. Amie is french for friend (specifically a female friend), and forums are places to make friends. Some define 'amie' as a girlfriend, so she can just be Sethisto's GF. He does like batponies. Plus, the 'am' is a play on 'amethyst', the color her hair is. Oh, and it could be pronounced as "Amy", an actual English name.