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  1. King Sombra Returns

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    The Cutie Re-mark- How Starlight learn about the Tardis?!? #Doctor Whooves The Crystal Empire Part 1 & 2- Twilight, Dark Magic,THEY BLEW HIM UP!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The Crystalling Part 1 & 2- The new villain of MLP is clouds.. BABY"S!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. King Sombra Returns

    What kind of episodes do you want to see in Season 7?

    Luna episode.....And perhaps a returning villain.......................or Two ( Chrysalis will never be reformed!!!)
  3. King Sombra Returns

    What's Your Favorite Comic Arc/Issue?

    UGH! SO hard to choose..But if I had to pick I would say The Siege of the Crystal Empire & The Reflections arc
  4. King Sombra Returns

    King Sombra's Return?!?!

    Ok, so after watching the Sixth season finale, and re-watching the third season pener. I have come up with a idea....What if Queen Chrysalis finds some way to bring Sombra back? Ok let me explain. If you watch closely on the Season three opener, You can see in the remains of King Sombra's shattered remains....His horn is there....Not is shattered pieces, but a full Horn no damage. We see in the Season Six finale that Queen Chrysalis's throne is powered by a 'deep magic', Such as Sombra's 'Dark Magic', that all beside for the power used does not work. Think about Twilight, Before she opened the 'Starcase' , You see that using by only using 'Dark Magic' was she able to open it. Back to my point. In the IDW comics, a figure named Radient Hope revived Sombra. After that Lightning Dust, Flim&Flam, Iron Will, Sombra,& Chrysalis team up, creating chaos in the Crystal Empire. What if that happened....Chrysalis, Sombra, and other ally's teaming up... Now I know this is a kid show...but still!! This is an idea that I would love to see considered, and or talked about it. Please join in on this conversation! Have a great Day/Night! But that's just a theory!.....A King Sombra theory!!!
  5. Heya, thanks for the follow. Back atcha! We Sombra fans gotta stick together.

    1. Askre


      Sombra fans unite. We must retake the Crystal Empire for our Dark Lord's glory!

    2. King Sombra Returns

      King Sombra Returns

      Yes....We will rise our King from the ashes of death and Help him rise and take over Equestria! MWhahaha!!!!


      Too much:ajlie: