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  1. Im debating on getting Civ 6

    1. Nuke87654


      I'd probably wait later for it. CIV VI is going to get many more civs later on and it's probably for the best to wait for some complete edition ala what past civilization games got as well.

  2. It feels like MLPForums is in a midst of Civil War. It almost  eire how the similar the setup is to Captain Civil War 

    1. Lunar Holiday

      Lunar Holiday

      It is exciting to see one as traveled as you!

      Say, friend, what has become of that cherished land?

    2. Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

      Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

      Well the staff is trying to do damge control and the site's activity has decreased a whole lot 

    3. Lunar Holiday

      Lunar Holiday

      Jeez! It sounds pretty crappy over there right about now!

      What are they even trying to do damage control for anyways?

  3. Two things:

    1.) While Doctor Who is on hiatus for the year, there on new  stories being made  by Big Finish  and you should check them out. 

    2.)I'm writing a Doctor WhoxMLP crossover Echoes in the Stone and I suggest you give it a read  

  4. How embarrassing. I didn't realize there was already one :)

    1. Frécinette


      It's alright, don't worry about it.

  5. Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

    Rate the song above you

  6. Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

    Answer The Question Above You

    I don't know What is your favorite 90s cartoon?
  7. I love how inactive this forum is 


  8. Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

    your favrite n 64 game

    Mario Kart 64
  9. Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

    Cancelled games you wished happened

    Battlefront III My god, this would changed FPS landscape just like how Halo did. This the Star Wars Game everyone dreams. You can fly between space and ground with ease. Plus you can polit those giant cruisers/ space ships. How I wished this game came out
  10. Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

    Answer The Question Above You

    Mage What is your earliest memory?
  11. Lone Wolf the Irish Viking

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Im Lone Wolf, Im an Aromantic, I live in Colorado, and I am a very shy person who has Aspergers . I'm also a gamer ,comic book reader and video gamer (I see video games as art). I also retired off of consoles mainly because of how many broken games have been released. That doesn't mean I don't like AAA games and I do like them when they are done very well. I like point out that I hardly know anything about Pokemon outside of Gen 1. I only know 151 of them and that's it. I stopped following Pokemon in like 2004-06. So its not a matter if or if not I can get into Pokemon I just cant. Trying to get back into now is near impossible with now 500+ new Pokemon, really overwhelming for me. Plus, I barely played any Pokemon games growing up (the only one I played was Pokemon Snap). I just watched the anime series until the 3rd movie . So yeah, Im indifferent to Pokemon.I love animation as art as well. I also like classic rock and metal. My favorite cartoons include MLP:FiM, Steven Universe, and Avatar: TLA and LoK and Samurai Jack. I also like Doctor Who and the 12th Doctor is my favorite Doctor.