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  1. That would be a very interesting episode. We only got to see when she turned into Nightmare Moon and how she was banished to the moon. Good idea!
  2. Yep! We need a princess episode. A musician episode actually pretty good too. It will be cool to see the musicians of Equestria, Vinyl and Octavia, star in their own episode.
  3. Of course! Yeah, many would agree with that, including me. I really hope there will be on this season or hopefully, Season 7.
  4. Derp Phantom


    Thanks Badshot! I'll sure look into it. Thanks ramm! You too! Thanks Pinkie! I will! Thanks Dublyn! No one can take Bookhorse's place! Thanks Fr├ęcinette!
  5. As the title says. What kind of story do you want in your episode? Is it a Slice of Life? Is it a comedic episode? Is it a dark, more mature one? Let me know!
  6. Derp Phantom

    Favorite Season of MLP:FiM [Includes Poll]

    Season 5. It was the first season, I watched of MLP and Amending Fences is my all time favourite episode.
  7. Derp Phantom

    Malphy's Sweet Collection of Pastel Colored Horses

    Heh, I don't even have a dog...
  8. Derp Phantom

    Why did you join the fandom?

    Well, I was an antibrony during the start of G4 MLP in 2010-2011 and it wasn't until May 2015 when I finally was curious enough to watch an episode. Though, I don't if I ever was an antibrony since I actually gave out constructive comments on YouTube MLP videos while the rest were just spamming, trolling and attacking. My first ever episode was Make New Friends but Keep Discord. I loved that episode. It was hilarious and I loved the character design and the development. So that drew me into watching all the episodes of the show and I loved all of them. Apart from the bad ones. What really amazed me is the accepting nature of the fandom. I never been accepted in the FNAF, Undertale, Sonic and Pokemon communities. Maybe that's the reason I was an antibrony because I hated the positive attitude.
  9. Derp Phantom

    Malphy's Sweet Collection of Pastel Colored Horses

    Nice art, Malphy! I love the style! It has obviously been made by a c- creative guy. *cough*
  10. Derp Phantom


    I know, I'm teasing ya. Hello FragrantGingerCalamari!
  11. Derp Phantom


    Hello Waddle Penguin
  12. Derp Phantom


    Hi guys! I'm Derp Phantom! You may also know me as Badman Ponyman (Cringey, I know) as that was my old username. I'm a regular on the Morning Discussions and rarely the Nightly. I'm a brony, as you can tell! Joined on May 2015 and my first episode is Make New Friends but Keep Discord. My favourite pony is Twilight Sparkle! I'm a nerd My favourite season is Season 5. I love Sonic the Hedgehog! Grew up with it as a child and despite its flaws, I enjoyed the games. Pokemon was a huge part in my childhood. Pokemon Platinum is my favourite game. And that's it!
  13. Derp Phantom

    Pokemon Thread

    Welp, first Pokemon game I've ever played was Pokemon Pearl and I absolutely adored it. Then when Gen 5 came out and I got Pokemon White, I didn't enjoy it as much. So I decided to get another Gen 4 Pokemon game and it was Pokemon Platinum which is my favourite Pokemon game ever. Everything I loved in Pearl, was in Platinum, with even more Pokemon and features.
  14. Derp Phantom

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    Astral Dusk. Kinda fits with bat pony thing, I don't know...