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  1. While i like to think that i am not one of those "bronies" and i certainly don't agree with any of those statements, i don't think you should tar all bronies with the same brush and let them stop you from enjoying the show. EqD is probably one of the most toxic places on the web in regards to bronies with outspoken opinions, i admit that i have one or two myself. Just try and focus more on the positive aspects of the fandom. Oh and, for the record, i think Big Jim's conduct on that post you linked to was highly unprofessional. At one point i saw him go into all caps and call someone a "fool". I know his responses are understandable but as a representative and public face of a company he really should exercise more restraint.
  2. SUP3R Toastr

    Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

    Can i ask, where did you get this information from? Damn right! I'm not against Faust but i'm sick of people saying the show is bad just because her word isn't necessarily canon anymore, half of them already decided that the moment she left the show at the end of season 2 without even seeing an episode of S3! Besides, i always thought that ponies lived the same lifespan as us humans. Since horses only live to 30 if they're very lucky, it was too depressing to think of it the way Faust did. There's always this scene that de-canonises her idea further: By horse years, Sweetie Belle would already be an adult.
  3. SUP3R Toastr

    Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

    I don't think Twilight was starting school in CMC i think it was more like she was moving up to a school more suiting of her talents, remember her mentioning magic kindergarten? The foals in that flashback looked younger than when she first started CSfGU so i'll assume she'd have had at least some schooling experience before becoming Celestia's student. In Friendship Games the same thing was about to happen to our Sci-Twi but was put on hold when she transferred to CHS. Until it is confirmed she was moved ahead a couple of grades, i will assume she's the same age as the rest of the girls. True and i think this will be the thing that'd end the relationship if it came to light. Again, i'm going from UK rules here and i have no idea if it's exactly the same everywhere but as long as they're both similar ages (which you know i think they are) then it's not necessarily illegal for them to be in a relationship, just immoral. Here, people in positions of care are forbidden from engaging in romantic entanglements with the people they are meant to be caring for, even if they're no longer in a position to care for them anymore. Like i said, depending on the complications brought about by the engagement, it's not necessarily illegal and will probably only end with you losing your job and forbidden from taking a position of care again. I agree with what TaliaKirana said though in that i believe Everfree being a family owned camp, Timber probably isn't a proper employee and is just volunteering his time to help his sister out so he likely falls into a grey area in that regard. Tbh, we'll never know until it's brought up in the movies and i doubt that'll happen.
  4. SUP3R Toastr

    Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

    I was wondering this as well but from what i gathered from clues in the movie i think they're meant to be roughly the same age. I think Gloriosa is meant to be the older sibling and is the one who actually runs/owns the camp and Timber just likes to help her out. If you remember, Gloriosa was the one behind the desk during the flashback near the end. I think the girls in EG are meant to be between the ages of 16-18 based on more clues from the other movie. I mean, Flash and DJ Pon-3 have their own cars and i think you have to be at least 16 to have a full license in some parts of the US and Canada (i don't know, i live in the UK where you have to be 17 unless it's a moped which is 16). Personally, i think Timber must either be 17 or 18 because of this which i think is old enough to help out at a camp like Everfree. Anyway, this is all speculation so make of it what you will.
  5. I'm just more worried about it affecting uploads on YouTube like the leaked episode did a while back since i neither have Netflix nor live in the US. If the Brazilian version is uploaded to YouTube i hope it's in English and not dubbed.
  6. SUP3R Toastr

    Should EqD be reporting so much on the recent episode leak?

    And that's another reason why i hate the leaks: because people have already started uploading the episode Hasbro (or more likely YouTube) has activated the copyright bots early, now i can't watch it on YT! If an episode isn't leaked, normally the copyright vultures stay off the episodes for the entire weekend but because it leaked they have to damage control early! Now i have to resort to Daily Motion, i bloody hate Daily Motion, it's crap!
  7. SUP3R Toastr

    Where can I watch The Fault in Our Cutie Marks?

    I know what you mean. When i made a discussion post regarding the leak people kept repeating back stuff i or other posters have already said. From what i've seen, i don't think anyone reads the posts or at least they only read the title or skim over the original post. My theory is that since the ranking system is tied to post count, people just post something only tangentially related to the topic so they can raise their rank without technically spamming. Just look at @The Doctor's post for a blatant example of what i mean.
  8. SUP3R Toastr

    Should EqD be reporting so much on the recent episode leak?

    To answer your questions, i try to rewatch my favourite episodes when i can get a chance but i mostly only watch them the once. I usually don't have the time to watch them again or i'd rather be watching something else. I'll probably rewatch S6 when it gets shown over here on UK TV. And of course it ruins the episode for me if the surprises are spoiled beforehand, i think the majority of people hate a movie or TV show spoiled before they watch it so i don't think i'm alone there, of course it depends on what the surprises are.
  9. SUP3R Toastr

    Should EqD be reporting so much on the recent episode leak?

    That's the thing, i don't want to have to do that just to hide from one type of post. I agree though that there needs to be a separate leak tag for people like me who want MLP info without the fear of having episodes outright spoiled. ------ On a different note, that's a pretty comprehensive list of things you block on Derpibooru! XD
  10. SUP3R Toastr

    Should EqD be reporting so much on the recent episode leak?

    That's what i will probably be doing from now on!
  11. SUP3R Toastr

    Should EqD be reporting so much on the recent episode leak?

    Did you read my other posts? I said i don't want to do that because i want to be kept in the loop of season 6 info but NOT have the episodes outright spoiled like this, i don't want to resort to this out of principal.
  12. SUP3R Toastr

    Should EqD be reporting so much on the recent episode leak?

    Exactly! I can't remember who said it now, it might have been Seth, but someone on the staff outright said what you said about EqD being a fan hub not a news site. But overall, i totally agree with you, they've not handled this leak very well. I was just as... peeved ()... when they posted those screenshots on that post as there was just no need for them!
  13. SUP3R Toastr

    Should EqD be reporting so much on the recent episode leak?

    They can still pick and choose the stories that are suitable for the site. They used to post a lot more drama and controversial topics but they stopped doing it so much now, they only usually give it a mention and move on. I really don't want to blow this out of proportion but i believe in my opinion that this is one of those controversial, and potentially drama causing incidents, that they should report on once then move on. Instead we got at least 3 posts (i don't know if there's any more, i haven't been on EqD since this morning), one with some unnecessary major spoilers in the form of screenshots in it! Besides, the staff of EqD themselves have admitted that they'd rather be referred to as a fan site rather than a news site/outlet like you suggested.
  14. SUP3R Toastr

    Should EqD be reporting so much on the recent episode leak?

    Go ahead, voice your opinion if you want. I've managed to avoid spoilers too so far as well, however i have a feeling the 2 days running up to the episode is going to feel like an eternity!