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  1. ZeBronyCaptain

    Starting to make Radioplays. Help wanted.

    I can do limited voice work here and there.... and I can also do sound effects, backgrounds, some music, as well as doing audio mixing, editing and mastering in Pro Tools 12. Drop me a line if you're interested, and plan on doing FoE. I'd be more than willing to work on that. Otherwise I might be able to pick up something If I'm interested enough or have enough time to work on it.
  2. ZeBronyCaptain

    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome to the forums JoyStar!! I'm sure you'll have a great time. The forums have been around for a little bit... but they are still growing, and there is always so much to do here. I'm sure you'll fit in nicely. If you have any questions, just ask. Someone, somewhere... has an answer. ^_^
  3. Only the undead can never truly die.... DK for life.... err... death??? Sorry... WOW joke..
  4. ZeBronyCaptain

    Hello all

    Welcome to the FORUMS T-sparks! Make sure to take a look around and chime in on anything that interests you ^_^ And if you have any questions, feel free to ask. A lot of us have answers, and we're more than happy to lend a hoof!
  5. ZeBronyCaptain

    Post yer desktops

    Might as well upload my MAC that I use for school and Audio Work... as you might notice I was recently working on Sound Effects for Post Production Homework and I have an album I've been working on for the past few months... Nothing to get excited over though.
  6. ZeBronyCaptain

    Hello Bronies and Pegasisters!

    Welcome to the forums Cybersbe! Don't mind ABronyAccount too much... he's spent a little too much time on the ceiling. If you have questions or the like feel free to ask around. I'm sure a ton of us have a million and one answers for you ^_^
  7. ZeBronyCaptain

    Hi, everypony!

    You'll catch up... Personally I would prescribe one whole season a day... but that can be a bit much for most people to digest.. so you might as well take it in more managable doses as you see fit ^_^ With that said... Welcome to the forums Shadow Dash.
  8. ZeBronyCaptain

    Hello Everpony,

    Welcome to the fandom deliking0001! Enjoy the forums and feel free to post comments and questions too ^_^ And be sure to check out the fanfiction topics that have sprung up around the site. There is a wealth of information in there... somewhere... I think..? Either way, have fun!!
  9. ZeBronyCaptain

    Back from the dead!

    Welcome back to your undeath. Please watch your step, resurrection is a very taxing process to have to keep performing...
  10. ZeBronyCaptain


    Welcome back! The fandom is hard to get away from for sure. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  11. ZeBronyCaptain

    Royal sisters cover-up?

    This is a very interesting theory... which may just have to stay that way sadly. As much as I'd love for the show to get deep into the politics and "cloak and dagger" of high society, I feel the shows intended target audience would not be as inclined to understand such intrinsic topics and wouldn't help ratings in the end. Though it definitely is fun to speculate ^_^
  12. ZeBronyCaptain

    Babscon 2017

    I'm sure if it could happen... people would try to make it happen. Fingers crossed ^_^
  13. ZeBronyCaptain

    Just moved to Equestria

    Oh look... new blood! Welcome to forums Green Lightning! I trust you'll find what you're looking for, and maybe a few things extra as well. ^_^ Enjoy your stay... it's gonna be a long one.
  14. ZeBronyCaptain

    Forumer Boss Battles

    Performs free, instant action: hits thread with defibrillators "DON'T DIE ON ME!"
  15. ZeBronyCaptain

    Forumer Boss Battles

    Yaay! I live!! I commence turning RogueCookie's safehouse into a triage center. And order a turban for Revanche on Amazon Prime....