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  1. Stormy_Weather

    Hi. :D

    Thank you! I hope I enjoy my time here too. <3
  2. Stormy_Weather

    Hi. :D

    I like doing my part, even if some one dislikes firearms, they should at least learn basic safety so they can remove the firearm to a safer location. There is a lot of ignorance when it comes to firearms in the US, but I do my part to make my knowledge available to others to use as they see fit, hopefully to prevent accidents and harm. I'll be more than happy to chat if you'd like. Best wishes and good to meet you! Oh, thank you. I brought cookies and icecream, including icecream with cookies in it if anyone is hungry. <3
  3. Stormy_Weather

    Hi. :D

    *Squees and bathes you in affection. <3
  4. Stormy_Weather

    Where do you post headcanons?

    I have come to witness and behold the Cranial Artillery Batteries.
  5. Stormy_Weather

    Hi. :D

    I'm Stormy, A few things about me: I am an Admin on EQRG with a few years experience under my belt there! In recreation I tend to do three things that occupy my time currently: -Roleplaying; GMing a FO:E game on Roll20, and I like general free form RP and being a cuddle slut with all my friends. -For noise making; I'm a FL Studio aficionado and swing towards EBM, Futurepop and industrial. Guitar and synth are my instruments of choice. -If anyone wants to learn gun safety, buying their first firearm, and general tips for happy safe use of a firearm as well as how to maintain it, they're more than welcome to chat me up. Observing safety and getting information from a knowledgeable source eliminates unnecessary property damage, injury and potential loss of life. <3 I wrote things on FIMFIC, but I'm nowhere near cranking out prolifically enough to be followed especially with my editor in FT college. Your comments are appreciated if any are left. <3 I art, but it takes a bit to get me to art something. *pounces and nuzzles, smooches and cuddles! ~Stormy