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  1. Now that it's aired, I guess we will wait and see (or not... since as stated numerous times Netflix doesn't release viewership numbers). I can say I definitely didn't expect a front page "Watch English Version of Legend of Everfree Online Now On Youtube!" EQD post. EQD has really inconsistent rules regarding copyright... in their new comment rules they specifically state: Yet on this article they have a direct download link (Google Drive) for the movie... Plus, they always post links to the episode streams, but when an episode leaks (releases early on iTunes or whatever) they barely mention it. Oh well, whatcha gonna do. Plus I understand this is the only option for people who don't have any other way of watching the episodes. And I guess this is different than a leak, since it was an official Hasbro-sanctioned airing of the movie, broadcast in English on the second audio channel. How could they not expect it to immediately be available all over the internet? I still haven't decided if I'll watch this one or wait a week for Netflix... either way, I'll be sure to at least put it on in the background on Netflix so it will count towards viewership. I'm still a little worried about the show's future since Season 7 hasn't been confirmed while all previous seasons had been confirmed this late into the season before it. And I think if Hasbro/DiscoFam relations fall apart, Netflix is the second best location for MLP. Whatever, I worry too much.
  2. Maybe I'm just thinking about this too hard, but I'm a little bit worried that when we get Legend of Everfree on Netflix on October 1st, the viewership numbers will be significantly less due to people having already watched the Brazil airing. (That is assuming it airs in English which I've heard it likely will using SAP, and also that someone streams/uploads it, but that's pretty much a given). I know Netflix doesn't release viewership numbers, and I know that the entire point is that you can watch whenever you want, but I feel like many/most people who watch the movie from the Brazil airing will probably not then immediately re-watch the movie on Netflix a week later. Maybe they will further down the line, but not right after it's released. My concern is that this could affect any future negotiations between Netflix and Hasbro regarding continuing MLP/EqG if things go south with Discovery Family (of course this is all just speculation based on rumor). I mean, I know I'll probably have a hard time waiting until October 1st if there's a nice, HD, English version of the movie waiting for me, a whole week earlier (in just 2 days from now!)... and, just speaking in general, if I own/have the actual video file (of any thing) I tend to watch that instead of streaming it, since it's just less hassle. (Just double click and you're watching, as opposed to having to open up Netflix and then worry about internet connection/streaming quality etc). But I might be fairly unique in doing that. Anyways, thoughts? Am I being overly concerned here?