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  1. Either way it seems you're short a few.....bytes. Get it? Bites/bytes? On account of your tooth and computer problems? No, shut up. That was a good one and you know it.
  2. Scootaloo has lesbian aunts.

    I don't really care one way or the other if this ends up in the show and becomes canon. What I don't want to see is all of the hostility and drama that's inevitably going to come out of the fandom along with it.
  3. I've already seen the movie once and I intend to watch it again this weekend. As for whether or not you should watch the movie too.....well, let me put it to you like this; When I saw the ending (no spoilers) I thought to myself for a couple of seconds "Lost Sanity would hate this". No joke, I actually did. So maybe that helps you make up your mind, maybe it doesn't. But that's my opinion on the matter.
  4. Friendhorse's Open Blog

    I'm from the south and I see people like this on a daily basis. You're correct in thinking that the Confederate flag is symbolic to many people who choose to display it. What is it symbolic of though? Let me give you a brief explanation: The Confederate flag is a symbol of "Southern Pride", the dominant culture in many parts of the south, specifically centered around whites. It involves pastimes such as eating barbecue, watching Nascar, hunting/fishing, owning as many firearms as you can afford, going to church on Sunday, etc. Basically it's a way of life here in the south. Sadly there's also a lot of racial tension associated with the Confederate flag as well. It's been embraced by various hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, the Skinheads and the Neo-Nazis as one of their own symbols due to its associating with the enslavement of blacks. But this in no way means that every single white person who displays the Confederate flag is a racist or bigot. That's the gist of it.
  5. Just saw it this weekend at a local theater due to convenience. Didn't get any swag or meet any other bronies. But the movie was good enough that I'll probably go see it again next weekend in a larger theater, hopefully one that sells those cool movie collectibles.
  6. annoying enemies

    This guy, Blockhead Grande from Okami: I don't know of anyone who can actually beat this guy fair & square, as most resort to recording the sequence of weak points on their phones and then playing it back for a cheap-yet-easy win. I don't have a smart phone so I had to resort to taping plastic wrap to my tv screen, physically numbering each of his weak points and then striking them. I think that's the most trouble I've ever to go through to beat a video game character.
  7. Full Movie Possibly Leaked

    I have plans to watch the movie in a nearby theater this weekend, grab lunch and make a whole day out of it, possibly making a couple of new associates in the process. A Russian hacker can't do anything like that for me with an illegal download so I'll abstain from watching one.
  8. Drawfriend for Human & Anthro Artwork

    Over two months and not a single reply. Am I the only person here who thinks this idea has merit?
  9. I just don't get it

    What if you met two hot pony cosplay girls while eating lunch and they said that if you went to the movie with them they'd show you a "good time" afterward? How about then?
  10. Romance in MLP.

    I'm not entirely opposed to the idea given how the subject has been handled in the past, so long as romance doesn't become a regular theme in the show. I actually wouldn't mind seeing one of the Mane 6 dealing with a crush on some background stallion so long as it didn't escalate into something too serious or long-term. Long-term as in it would survive past the episode it was featured in.
  11. I just don't get it

    I'm going to see it the Saturday after it premieres but I have to drive to the next town to do so. But, for the record, the reason I'm going to watch the movie is the same reason I started watching the cartoon series; because doing so makes me happy. Not because it supports the staff or to make some kind of point. Because it's what I want to do. Plus I've made pretty much a lifestyle out of wiping my @$$ with what other people think so I couldn't care less about what goes through the vapid minds of the local soccer moms and their screaming kids if they see me standing in line to buy a ticket to the My Little Pony movie.
  12. Someone told me this movie will have ponies in it. I believed them but now I'm not sure....
  13. Do You Still Live With Your Parents?

    I moved out of my parents' house 14 years ago. But I waited until a solid opportunity presented itself before I did. No one should feel bad about their situation if it's the one that's best for you at the moment. Don't be in any kind of rush to move out and be "independent" unless you're 100% positive that you can live comfortably under your current circumstances.
  14. Cartoons with character development.

    Adventure Time.