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  1. It's bad when someone you know does something really lame.  But it's so much worse when you see it coming from a mile away.

  2. 4.77,3.95 I'm a little south of center between edgy and dank.
  3. Looks like either a fan project or a hoax. I'm predicting Starlight might get her own Element of Harmony and seat at the Cutie Map but nothing like this.
  4. I don't use social media of any sort either. Hell, I don't even own a smart phone.
  5. As an old-school collector I'm curious, as usual, if a web series of this nature would be ported over to DVDs at some point. Knowing the nature of the beast that is Hasbro I'd have to venture a "yes" but web content like this is uncharted waters for me. Can anyone confirm/deny whether webisode series like the one proposed here eventually get released to DVD?
  6. I refuse to date women with tattoos.
  7. I changed my mind. I want to be a Model T-800 Terminator with Wolverine claws.
  8. Then I guess I'd like to be a healthy version of myself. That'd be different. I'd also like to be rich. Yeah, a healthy, rich version of myself with a nice house, luxury car and enough money to ensure that I never have to work another day in my life.
  9. I think I'd like to be healthy. Does that count?
  10. These recent status updates over the weekend have suddenly reminded me why I left the MLP Forums.  I'm about a quarter step from signing off of EQD for the same reason.  This shit needs to stop.

  11. As of season 7's fourteenth episode Toola Roola is now canon in G4. Here's hoping Minty will show up somewhere down the road.
  12. I think it's just LostSanity being the lovable jerk he usually is. But here's the way I see it; a lot of artists produce content in their spare time and provide it to us for free. And, in typical humanistic fashion, we take that for granted. Everyone has expenses to cover. I've seen YouTubers lose viewers because the equipment they use to record their videos is outdated or broken down. Yet they're still expected to produce quality content on a regular basis. Patreon is a good avenue to help cope with some of the artist's expenses and it's entirely voluntary. No one is forcing their viewers to give them money. Those who pledge money might receive additional content as an incentive to donate. But there are many viewers who demand that this content be made available for free and rebuke the artist for charging money to view it. I personally have no issue with Patreon. It's capitalism, plain and simple. If an artist is providing me with a product that I am willing to pay money to receive the transaction shouldn't concern anyone else.
  13. There's an idea. How about Night Sight or Night Vision for a name?
  14. I'd go unicorn with a darker color scheme, like grey and purple or blue. As far as a name, maybe focus on the technical aspect of your nature and limit the psychoanalytical bits to their personality description. Or vice-versa. Maybe a name like Night Tech or Shadow Drive, something along those lines?
  15. So having to do with the night/moon and a pony who watches and analyzes things? Is this a bat pony? Yeah, Alpha gave the best name I can think of already. Nightwatch would be my suggestion. I'll edit this post if I think of any more though.