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  1. I have to agree on this point, as it's exactly the reason I have little to no contact with the fanbase anymore. On that note, I feel like I should speak up on the matter. If you truly feel this way then stop butting heads with other fans. Stop reading threads where this sort of media is being discussed. In fact, just stop visiting these or any other forums. I'm not saying this to be mean or drive you away; I'm giving you this advice because this is what I did and I don't feel nearly as bitter towards the fanbase as I once did. Find a more positive way to spend your time. Instead of viewing these forums, read a fan comic or look at artwork. Focus on the more creative aspects of the fandom and not the bits that are ruining MLP for you. Trust me, you'll feel a lot better if you heed my advice.
  2. J. Brony

    Drawfriend for Human & Anthro Artwork

    Glad my idea is finally getting some support: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2018/02/drawfriend-equestria-girls-anthro-mlp.html#more
  3. J. Brony

    Favorite MLP References?

    This one pretty much summarizes my favorite on-going reference:
  4. J. Brony

    best and worst of creepypastas

    Well, being that this is a CreepyPasta request thread being made on an MLP board, I'd be remiss in not suggesting these two: EDIT: Spoiler tag added for somewhat disheartening imagery on the first one. Open at your own peril.
  5. Posting this here due to semi-relevance: The digital masters of Mirror Magic that Shout Factory, Netflix and iTunes(?) received from Hasbro had some issues with its color coding. If you're viewing this episode on any of those platforms you're going to notice Fluttershy, Juniper and Sunset all look very pale compared to the other characters. A few of us in the community have already contacted Hasbro concerning the issue and it doesn't look like there's going to be a re-release of Mirror Magic in the foreseeable future. So, at present, the recordings of the television version is the only one not affected by this foul-up. They're probably your best bet for watching Mirror Magic.
  6. J. Brony

    Celebrity guest stars.

    All I want is for Snoop Dogg to do a cameo.
  7. J. Brony

    Chrysalis To Be Reformed In Season 8?

    I'm pretty sure Chryssi is getting reformed at the end of episode 2. Why? Because her story thus-far is almost perfectly identical to Starlight Glimmers. Thing about it: 1. Evil pony/bug has a hive/town full of loyal subjects. 2. Loyal subjects get freed from evil pony/bug's clutches by the good guys. 3. Evil Pony/bug swears revenge on ringleader of the good guys. 4. Evil pony carries out revenge plan, it fails and she gets reformed. And season 8, episodes 1 and 2, are where Chrysalis completes that cycle. As far as Tyrek is concerned, I seriously doubt he'll get reformed. I suspect he'll end up like Sombra and the Storm King and be destroyed at the end of the season. I'm not sure what kind of message the staff is delivering here, maybe that guys are beyond saving, but that's a topic for another thread.
  8. No need to look for a new avatar.  I found one that's perfect for you:



  9. Found this and thought you would be amused and/or triggered by it:



    1. LostSanity



      I don't know how else to react to this.

  10. J. Brony

    What about your movie theatre experience

    First experience was in our local theater. It's very small and it was a week past the debut so the turnout wasn't very large. The hostess seemed happy enough to sell me a ticket and nobody looked at me funny. The audience was nearly all kids and their parents. I was one of the only single adults there. Thankfully the kids were quiet and I was able to enjoy the movie with no distractions. Didn't get any free swag but I wasn't expecting it considering the rinky-dink nature of our theater. Second experience was in another town and a much larger and nicer theater. Two weeks after the debut now so the crowd as about the same size and consistency as my first viewing. Still no good swag to be had, no cosplayers or even anyone wearing pony merch to be seen. Didn't make any new contacts but didn't get any guff about being a Brony either. So the experience was slightly better due to the nicer accommodations but, having seen the movie already, it didn't have as much of an impact.
  11. J. Brony

    Seen the movie more than once?

    Saw it twice but still didn't get any of that sweet movie swag. I still plan to buy the DVD when it's released next year.
  12. Also a child of the 80's but I'm going with He-Man & the Masters of the Universe. A good one this time. For a more current show, how about Adventure Time?
  13. Either way it seems you're short a few.....bytes. Get it? Bites/bytes? On account of your tooth and computer problems? No, shut up. That was a good one and you know it.
  14. J. Brony

    Scootaloo has lesbian aunts.

    I don't really care one way or the other if this ends up in the show and becomes canon. What I don't want to see is all of the hostility and drama that's inevitably going to come out of the fandom along with it.
  15. I've already seen the movie once and I intend to watch it again this weekend. As for whether or not you should watch the movie too.....well, let me put it to you like this; When I saw the ending (no spoilers) I thought to myself for a couple of seconds "Lost Sanity would hate this". No joke, I actually did. So maybe that helps you make up your mind, maybe it doesn't. But that's my opinion on the matter.