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  1. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Artarama

    Go over to my dA to see this thing bigger, doods. This has been sitting in my to-finish pile ever since the episode aired way back in May, but I was in the middle of “Oh my gosh, Bronycon is in two months I NEED TO FINISH EVERYTHING NOW!!!” so I sketched and inked it up and then promptly dropped it. I thought since it was December, I should finally finish it. Because of the time shift though, a lot of whatever vision I had in the beginning was lost on me, so this scene redraw might feel like it’s got two different ideas smooshed into it now. Like everyone else, I flipped when Luna was chosen to represent the Spirit of Christmas/Hearth’s Warming Eve Future and she got her own song to boot. I’ve always loved how in every Christmas Carol interpretation that the role of Christmas Future has never been played down. The spirit is unabashedly death and despair, the hope of rectifying a mislead past being stripped away while Death’s judging finger is pointed at Ebenezer Scrooge, and while they didn’t go as dark as most kids’ interpretation (I mean, Disney’s Christmas Carol showed Uncle Scrooge literally being dragged into an open grave with the fiery depths of hell waiting for him below), they still went a little scary. I decided to mix this darkness into the scene redraw since while Luna’s Future was definitely dark, it wasn’t spooky or foreboding enough for me. I also tried to push that Luna is the focal point in this scene, so hopefully she draws the most attention here. Happy Holidays, yo.
  2. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Artarama

    Another D&D session, another monster drawing! Although this one wound up being used way quicker then I intended! Darn players, and thinking outside of the box. This smokey buddy is called a Shadow Wretch, and they're awful critters. The Shadow Wretch is a demon born from places that have been demolished by extreme fire damage and then traps the souls of those who perished in the flames to fuel itself. It is constantly surrounded by a cloud of noxious fumes that are poisonous to breath in and it can breath fire at will, incinerating ponies to add to its body. My players wound up finding it by complete accident after the alchemist decided that finding the stairs to the basement would take too long, and burnt a hole through the floor with some acid instead, straight to the basement. Our shaman jumped down the hole, hoping to summon a few ghosts to help them fight Ivory Lace (the spooky ghost a few posts up) but instead wound up meeting the wretch and promptly getting roasted alive. He lived though, albeit he might be afraid of fire for a bit now.
  3. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Artarama

    This was the first panel for the 2 days late Halloween comic for my comic blog Filly Queen Chrysalis. It was super fun to do, especially since I actually the energy and time to devote to the blog again. I didn't want to post the entire comic here since, one, it's long as hek, and, two, it contains spoilers for anyone who hasn't been able to watch the S6 finale yet. (Hey, these people exist out there, believe me! Do you know how long it took me to watch the premiere for this season?? ...Wait, did I even watch it....???) You can find the comic in its entirety here: http://fillyqueenchrysalis.tumblr.com/post/152739989480/fillyqueenchrysalis-were-not-really-going-to
  4. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Artarama

    I've been running a MLP -based D&D game for about two months now, and I like to create art to go along with encounters, or when I'm introducing NPC's that are relevant to the story. So far, my players have been trucking along pretty well! We have a gryphon ranger, a Changeling monk (disguised as pegasus), a Changeling fighter (disguised as bat pony), a unicorn sorcerer, an earth pony shaman, an earth pony alchemist, and an earth pony bard. Last session, they broke into Starswirl the Bearded's manor, a place that has been turned into a museum (the story takes place 200 years before season 1), and it turns out the manor is insanely haunted thanks to something taking up residence in the house that's upsetting the past residents. The angry ghost up there is Ivory Lace, one of the most famous past residents since she kinda murdered her husband and then buried him in the basement. She's pretty upset that these bozo's just waltzed into her room unannounced and the party is gonna have to fight her next session. You can find a bunch of other art and session recaps here: http://ryuredwingsreturn.tumblr.com/tagged/ryu-ruins-dnd
  5. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Artarama

    I finally have some new art that ISN'T a comic as long as my arm. Over the summer, I did a bunch of Pokemon GO! and mlp crossover art (Valor/Celestia Mystic/Luna Instinct/Cadance) and said I would do a version with Twilight Sparkle acting as the Lugia Alliance... And then I got busy and it fell off my plate. I also didn't feel comfortable running with the idea since the Lugia logo was someone's original work and didn't want to bounce off of someone's idea. But I also kind of wanted to create a Twilight image close to what I had created, and I finally sat down and did her this week. You can find her slapped on a t-shirt over at Teepublic and on a bunch of stuff over at Redbubble.
  6. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Artarama

    And just so I can get this out of the way... Commissions: CLOSED info is here Requests: CLOSED limit one per day, per person
  7. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Artarama

    Instead of me making a zillion new posts, I thought I would just go ahead and create an art thread like people seem to enjoy doing over here. Hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of it, and actually update the darn thing. If you super-duper enjoy my art, and want to be notified of it fo' sho', you can find me at the following places: deviantart, furaffinity, art-only tumblr, patreon, and twitter (warning: twitter is where I shout into the void the most so follow with caution) Anyway, HI! I'm ryuredwings, a pony artist that's been around for... A while now. I've been trucking through this particular part of the fandom for about 5-6 years now, and I've been a fan of My Little Pony for a hek of a lot longer. I'm one of those people that's been collecting them for years, but with the Gen4 madness, I started drawing the colorful little critters in earnest. It was pretty easy since my style already looked like Lauren Faust's big-eyed and rainbow-riffic creations, and I've been having a blast ever since. It's so bright and fun, and if there's anything anyone probably notices when it comes to my detailed stuff, I am all about the saturated colors and backgrounds. I've even tabled at Bronycon (2014 and 2016) so you may have run into me at some point. (I'm the blonde that laughs way too loud and never breaks even.) Anyway, here's some art that I've done so you can see! I also run a few comics! Because of a weight training injury about two years back, I've had to put pretty much all of them on hiatus for a while, and the only one that is currently active is Filly Queen Chrysalis. It started way back in 2012, and is about Queen Chrysalis as a child. The comic focuses on her young life, and how she became the villain we see later on the show. The running thought behind every part of it is that villains aren’t born, they’re made, and people seem to be enjoying it a lot! Especially the comics where I get to have her make cute faces! The current characters are Chrysalis (of course), her caretaker Captain Tarrlok (the one with the blue eyes), her assistant Korra (pink eyes), and Queen Silverwing, Chrysalis' often absent mother. Because of the prolonged hiatus, the story has sort of stagnated but since I am now healed up from my injury (bless physical therapists), I'm hoping to get it back on track. In the meantime, I've been doing small funny and/or cute updates in a simpler style then my usual half-painted updates.
  8. ryuredwings

    What is your favorite Animated Christmas Special?

    I'm gonna date myself, but a Muppet Christmas Carol will always be up there for me. I'm happy to see a few other people listing Mickey's Christmas Carol too since that's another one on my list. ...As I'm getting ready to list other ones, I'm realizing that everything I like are interpretations of A Christmas Carol since I also really like the 2009 A Christmas Carol (the one with Jim Carrey practically voicing the whole cast) as it's pretty true to the book, and you don't see that a lot as far as I know. And then there's the Nightmare Before Christmas since it doubles as a Halloween AND a Christmas movie, which is the very best kind!
  9. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    Holy cow, I gotta do catch up like crazy. I'm still behind by 2 days, but I'm going to do my best to catch up. Maybe I'll do some simple pony portraits to go along with these? Anyway, these are more characters from my comic "Abbey," including Abbey (who's the first post in here!), her kirin friend Xie (who is a boy, I swear), and Jasper, a rainbow feathered coatl who is Abbey's guardian. You can see them all here at this tag, where you can see how colorful they all really are! http://ryuredwingsartarama.tumblr.com/tagged/abbey
  10. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    I was behind a day in uploaded these over here so you get two today! I decided to follow up on that thought to make a companion piece to my fun Queen Chrysalis, and even though Cadance didn't turn out quite as fun, she is pretty cute! Check out those adorable pink hearts!
  11. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    Time for some more non-pony peeps! The adorable kitsune in the front is Ryu (not to be confused with me) and the girl photobombing her is her best friend Kir (short for Kirati) a nekomata. They're some of my oldest OC's and are part of a story I've been brewing for years called Otherworld. I don't get to draw them that much anymore since they just wind up at the bottom of the to-do list since the pony stuff gives me more money. >>;
  12. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    This is true! Therefore I'm gonna make y'all suffer through my non-pony art.
  13. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    I kind of debated putting this one here since it's not a pony, but since this is technically an Inktober drawthread... Maybe it counts?? I dunno, what do you guys think? Do you want me to post ALL the Inktober stuff I do in this thread for you guys to see, or should I just post the pony centered ones? Anyway, this is Yumi! I have a handful of Pokemon gijinkas that I write stories for, and Yumi's kind of my flagship since she's my favorite. <3 I loooove Ghost types and Giratina is just one of my favorite legendaries, so of course I love her to pieces. I also really, really like drawing her fun Celestia-like hair, which looks much better when it's done digitally, promise. You can find her story here. This is her tag on my blog: http://ryuredwingsreturn.tumblr.com/tagged/yumi
  14. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    Inktober #3 Aorta Rose, a very self-indulgent OC that I literally had a dream about. There's a lot that goes into her story, but to summarize she's a unicorn that got her heart stolen and she wound becoming some crazy magic-life-energy eating vampire. When she's basically gorged herself, she can turn into a pseudo-kind of nightmare and goes pretty much coocoo for cocoa puffs until the magic runs out. She's got a tag on my blog here: http://ryuredwingsartarama.tumblr.com/tagged/aorta-rose
  15. ryuredwings

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    Inktober #2! All hail the queen! Today's inktober was a pure pony so of course she gets posted here. ;3 Maybe I should draw Cadance tomorrow to balance her out?